HR and Cloud Computing: 5 Ways the Cloud Is Transforming HR

There are numerous technological advances taking place right now. Many of these impact Human Resources (HR) in ways that are transforming the industry. But when it comes to a technology that’s really changing how HR happens, the cloud is right at there at the top.

Cloud computing and HR are a marriage made in heaven. There is a lot of things going on there and the technological advance is touching not just big companies but also small startups. Cloud technology is truly making HR accessible, affordable and easy to use. Here’s a look at the main ways the cloud is transforming today’s HR practices.

1. Easing the recruitment process

HR is much more than recruiting new talent but this aspect is still very important to a functional organisation. If HR fails with recruitment, then the company is going to have a hard time. Which is why the cloud is essential and transformative. With it, recruitment can be streamlined and partly automated. The right software application makes it easier to scout more talent and rank the applications in accessible ways. Because everything is centralised, management can view the data and deal with it faster.

2. Improving employee wellbeing

In today’s world, employee wellbeing is crucial. The work environment has to be safe for all employees. Countless studies have shown that when employees are happy at work, they are also more productive and they stay with the company for longer. It is, therefore, vital that organisations pay attention to it. The job falls to the HR department and with the help of the cloud they can now boost employee wellbeing in many unique ways. For example, HR can use a human resource management system that allows employees to monitor and input their own sick days and holidays, creating a more transparent system of payroll. The software could also help ensure the employees have adequate healthcare insurance or help make annual performance reviews more tangible. Overall, the cloud’s ability to make things more transparent and accessible to all levels of employees guarantees that employees feel a bit more looked after.

3. Reducing the workload

The cloud can make the workload HR professionals face a lot easier. This is important because it guarantees that the focus is on the most important tasks and missions. The cloud can ease the workload by making things easier to automate since every piece of data is centralised. It also makes it possible to access data from wherever and whenever.

4. Making HR affordable

Overall, one of the key ways that the cloud is transforming HR is by making HR accessible to all kinds of organisations. Big and powerful HR departments used to be a costly expense that only the biggest organisations could afford. But now, human resource management systems are so affordable that this isn’t an issue any more. The cloud allows even the smallest of startups utilise these software solutions in their work. What’s better is how it’s also more accessible to scale up the use of different software without incurring extra costs. Therefore, you can opt for software and now that it will grow together with your business as time goes by.

5. Providing access to innovation

Not only do companies now have more affordable HR at their fingertips, the cloud has in general improved the solutions available to business. The modern HR software market is full of innovative products. Companies can gain a real competitive edge by using these systems. Because the cost is controlled, it’s possible to innovative even when your organisation is small. This means that companies can have very unique HR that then in turn helps attract a lot more talent to the organisation. The cloud also makes it easy to access the innovative new products. This is because the cost of implementing and trialling new systems is very affordable. You don’t have to commit to software straight away but can often test it out to see if it works for your business.

Don’t fall behind by overlooking the cloud

For any small business operating in the modern world, the cloud is simply technology they cannot overlook. The cloud is especially important when it comes to HR because it makes it more accessible and affordable. And for any organisation to truly flourish in today’s climate, nailing down HR is crucial. If you can have good HR practices in place, you will attract more talent, have people working in the right tasks, keep your employees happier and gain a productive workforce as a result. If your organisation is not yet using the cloud for HR tasks, then it’s time to start looking for the right HR management systems to use. It could be the one step that helps to take your business to the next level.

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