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Is Your Netflix Blocked? Here Is How You Can Access Netflix


Netflix is by far the most popular streaming service in the world. It’s huge library of original shows and movies can keep any viewer glued for hours. With trends like binge watching on the rise among the younger generation, services like Netflix have been doing roaring business in the last few years. Unfortunately, due to a number of reasons Netflix chooses to restrict content access in some parts of the world.  

Netflix availability 

Originally, Netflix is available in 190 countries. However, the way it is available differs. Countries like China don’t allow the service and US regulations restrict it from being streamed in North Korea, Iran or Syria. Besides a few other regions, Netflix services are accessible everywhere. Users can run into restrictions if they were travelling to any of these countries.  

Why is Netflix blocked in my country? 

There can be a number of reasons why Netflix is completely or partially banned in a country. Partial bans include restrictions on content like in Saudi Arabia and other nations. One of the most common reasons for Netflix to be banned in your country is because of licensing restrictions. Either Netflix doesn’t think it is feasible or the country in question won’t allow the brand to acquire a streaming license, like China, for instance.   

Lack of demand is another reason why Netflix doesn’t allow its shows or services to be available in a country. Depending on predicted sales, Netflix limits either some of its library titles or the streaming platform completely. Mostly these restrictions are just on content and that particular show is not made accessible in certain countries.  

Content limitations 

Netflix USA remains the biggest library for the streaming service. The shows which are available there are not even shown in other leading markets like UK, Canada or Australia. If you are experiencing a Netflix ban, it may be just that the show you are trying to access is not open for viewing in your country. As unjust as it sounds, Netflix has the right to do this with users.  

There are a number of leading shows that are available exclusively to the US audience. No other country has the ability to watch them. This includes the Rocky movie series featuring Sylvester Stallone, shows like Dante’s Peak, Parks and Recreation, House, Mad Men, The Hunger Games, Family Guy, House of Cards and numerous other titles.  

How to access Netflix from anywhere in the world 

Netflix bans these titles both on the grounds of low demand or lack of licensing rights. For the average user this is a bummer. Fortunately, there is a way to access Netflix USA or unblock it in countries where streaming is not allowed. All you need a credible VPN service. A Virtual Private Network or VPN works by masking your IP address to hide your original location behind its own secure server.  

All that users have to do is download a VPN for the device they want to stream Netflix on. Leading VPN services allow users to select the purpose for which they are using the program. It then provides coverage in accordance with the need. Once you’ve selected Netflix or streaming from the purpose list, all you have to do is choose to connect to a USA VPN server. 


VPNs open up the world to users who install the application. It can easily get you past Netflix restrictions so that you can enjoy your favorite content without any boundaries. Not only will this but a VPN also protect your digital traffic from being logged and from any hackers who might be trying to steal it.  



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