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Key Features Your Employee Training Programme Needs


To say that Learning Management system has revolutionized the way businesses train their employees. The idea is to make the learning process as simple as possible. Now, making the learning process easy for the end user isn’t the easiest of tasks. Since a lot of employees take the tests simultaneously, it is important, on the developer’s part, to take everybody’s needs and requirements into consideration.


No matter how brilliant your LMS is. If it cannot be accessed easily by the end user, the battle is lost. You need to keep a close eye on the needs and requirements of your target audience. More importantly, your LMS needs to provide the end users with a potent solution. A solution that will help put to rest his present set of problems.  Having a reliable LMS forms an important part of an employee’s training and development.


In order to ensure the same,  you need to ascertain the problems they are facing. Indulging in conversations over social media platforms and online discussion forums. It’ll help you gather valuable insights about the possible improvements that can be made.


With competition levels rising at a rate of knots, companies providing Elearning modules are looking for innovative ways to make their presence felt. More often than not, companies end up overdoing things in an attempt to woo the customers. This can lead to a steady decline in the company’s existing consumer base.


Here are a few handy features to turn your Employee Training Programme (ETP) into a success


Accessibility: First and foremost, the LMS developed needs to be easily accessible to the end user. More often than not, users access worksheets on their smartphones. Now, it is very important for the developer to develop a software that can be accessed on a host of devices. In most cases, users tend to leave an assignment without completing it because it is not accessible on smartphones. If your worksheets are compatible on a wide range of devices, then your employees can complete their worksheets at any given time during the day.


Professional development: Elearning software used by a company should contribute to an employee’s overall development. Take it this way. If an employee is struggling to manage his time efficiently, then the Elearning software being used by him should enable him to manage his time judiciously. It should have worksheets that need to be completed within a stipulated time frame.


Monitoring the progress

Developing an Elearning model is not enough. It has to keep track of the progress being made by the employees. This will help the company management to stay updated regarding the needs and requirements of your employees. In case they cannot complete an assignment/worksheet, you can guide them through it.


The liberty to collaborate

Collaboration forms the heart and soul of a contemporary workplace.  Your LMS has to take all the Cloud based mechanisms into consideration. Collaboration using online media platforms enables users to share worksheets online. Collaboration also enables real-time feedback and suggestions. Also, collaboration ensures that you can always work around with interesting people. In this way, you do not feel ‘abandoned’ (pun intended).


Content matters

A book is always judged by its cover. No matter how well-developed your LMS is, if your User Interface isn’t engaging enough, then the battle’s lost. In order to engage the users, you need good content. People want content that stokes the flames of desire within them. You need various forms of content (right from videos to blog posts to tweets. Different forms of content keep monotony at bay and allow users to interact.


To conclude:

Now, all of these points might sound quite obvious, but the fact remains that a lot  of developers tend to ignore these factors. Consequently, the LMS developed by them ends up becoming redundant. Remember, your LMS won’t sell if it has not been developed according to the needs and requirements of your target audience.



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