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Know in Easy Steps what Kind of Web Development is Perfect for SMBs

When People are looking to start a new business, they try to come up with a startup or Small and Medium Businesses. (SMB) Whatever you may try to start, a great beginning in this concern is the requirement. You need to think about all the aspects that are needed in this concern and web development is one of them. For businesses of any size and nature, the web development aspect must certainly be on top of the minds of people associated with it.

While it is not important that, through a website, customers of any business can transact or buy/sell products, the development is not just for ecommerce portals or shopping online. Apt web development is a great way to make a website work well under all the scenarios possible. This can include the optimum use of a website by the visitors in huge numbers, so much so that the website may crash.

So, what do you need in an SMB web portal so that you can run it without any blemish? Please read this post so that you can have a great future ahead in running an SMB without thinking about the errors that might creep in.

Web Services you Need?

If you haven’t used a website for any purpose in the past, you will probably have a tough time determining what you need for an E-Commerce portal. First of all, think about what exactly your business is all about and then you will have a better idea of this concern. For example, if you are trying to establish a shopping portal dealing with Tech gadgets, then you will have to develop your website accordingly.

On the other hand, there are multiple aspects like enhancing the already established website.  You may need it for improving communication within or outside the organization. The development process, as a result, will be different than the one mentioned above. All these factors influence the development of a website so that you have to take a keen interest in this process.

You already have a website, start pinpointing what aspects do you like the most and what are those that you want to be removed so that the website can work perfectly as an E-Commerce portal if you think that the design is outdated or want to change the layout, five enough. Or if you are looking at a combination of things, the development of shopping carts, and adding design too, create a list of tasks prioritized so that you can start working on it right away.

Choosing the Right Person and Team

Once you have finalized what you have to do with your website, you need to find the right person for the team so that you can get your website developed. But again, you have to decide what you need first, Designer programmer or developer that suits your needs. The terms may sound similar, but they are very different so let me for you a brief description of all of them.


Designers are one which focuses primarily on the design, look, and feel of the website, including the layout. You may think that why exactly I need a designer, as I am looking for a guy or any of the reputed web development agencies in Dubai in this concern. A designer can make a visually powerful website that can impact your visitors perfectly.

Some designers combine their services with graphic design, so if you want a new look and feel for your brand, they can do it for you with ease.


A programmer is more focused on the functionality of the website. This is another matter that sometimes he may entirely write for the web and sometimes will do the software programming. His main concern is to get the features of your website to work flawlessly and in your favor. For example, think of a programmer who can build an online intranet or database application so that it can be a place where information can be placed on your database and changed through your website.

It is as easy as 1-2-3 for a programmer to come up with codes that can work in your favor. However, you need to direct him about what you need and exactly how much time. If you are in a hurry, you will get what you desire but give him some breathing space, as some days, not mere hours to do the job.


A web developer is the one who can offer the combined elements of design and programming. The word development for the web is a broader term as it encompasses all the development work before a website is launched and then making sure that it works. After that, if you are looking to make the appearance and functionality of your website work, then you need to get a developer who is highly qualified, tech-savvy, proficient, and experienced in his work.

If you are not sure about the technicalities of the website and how you can direct a developer in this concern, you need to check out a few things so that you can be sure that you have hired the right person for the job.

Check the Portfolio 

This is perhaps the most obvious way to get a developer based on his previous work. The track record of a developer as how many sites he has developed in the past and their active URLs are what you must go through to gauge his performance over the years. But there is something more serious involved here; it is all about adding your personal touch about the recommendations to the website.

The recommendations part is what you are trying to get as an ecommerce portal that can work for you as a business entity. Your flagship products or services showcased on the website will make all the difference. Try to get things right by giving this process and the previous ones ample time so that you can finally get your work done perfectly.

Over to you

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About Author:

Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui is a SEO & web designer at Bahrain web design agency for the last several years. His expertise in the web designing field is largely due to his interest in making quality web designs that attract visitors. He has attained expert level web designing by religiously following what’s the latest happening in web the web designing field and how it is going to evolve in the future. You can read his tweets as he likes to predict the future in this concern.