Leaked Uber Clone Source Code 2020

Downloading a simple uber-like taxi booking app can be the best thing for you with a fully customized UBER Clone script available in the market. By providing a budget-friendly solution to the passengers, be the next primary mode of transportation like Uber to your city.

Why Do You Need the Uber Clone App Source Code?

Commencing business in the transportation industry has attractive benefits, especially when it’s related to cab services- it could be fun, it could be exciting. After coming to terms with the perfect location, better marketing strategies, comfy taxi cars, excellent service ideas, affordable services it is all set to go.

Apps like Uber, Lyft will fall under the  Taxi Booking software application that can help you build a new uber-like app to source your business with creativity and the coolest features. Research has found that the growth rate for taxi industries is 5.3 percent annually for the next 10 years and estimated to increase 2.1 percent every year on average.

Automating the website to establish a business like Uber from scratch takes time and effort. Hence, just buying a taxi booking software like Lyft clone will be a tremendous idea.

Features Available for Uber Clone App Source Code

Uber Clone apps were known for their uncanny abilities to provide features like the legit Uber app. But now, the market is wrapped in technological advancements as they are ready to launch Driverless cars as well.

1. Admin Panel

Admin panel is available for every category like drivers, customers to make sure theta every aspect of the business is controlled by providing excellent services.

2. Maps for Tracking

Tracking options through GPS is available for both the customers as well as drivers to make sure the pick up and drop location is maintained. Forget about all the confusion and mayhem that may occur by relentless phone calls to communicate the exact location.

3. Economical

Get your fully white-labeled app that is familiar with customer processes and top-notch services at an economical price. You don’t need to wait for long to get the customized Uber clone app ready.

4. Smart Wallet

Uber Clone app provides an online solution by integrating a wallet to store and transfer money at any time promptly. Every time you use the app, the money gets deducted with the usage. You can also monitor all the transactions and add credit for the users at will.

5. Scheduling Ride for Later

Manage the ride now or later option with the integration of source codes easily. A person can easily schedule a ride to the airport at 3 am now. Drivers at a nearby range can pick them up at the appropriate time.

6. Hailing Taxi

Sometimes people may hail taxis on the streets without using the app. Here, the driver can give them a ride by selecting the option ‘hailed’ and start the ride. The rider may not have the app installed on his phone, but either way, he has gotten a ride. Now, as the owner of the business, you can note down the details entered by the driver and earn a commission at the same time.

7. Chat with the support team

 The UBER Clone app can provide chat support with the team straight away through the admin panel through the app.


How to start a taxi business in simple steps? 


All in All

With persistent patience and perseverance, you’ll see the breakthrough of your business within months. Usage of technology can help you dramatically shift and cash in on success.

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