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Offshore Software Development Process – How to simply catch

Creating a software product is really not easy. Developers had to make use of and analyze step by step, each stage and find the right tools so that the project does not have to go to a dead end. Software development tools play an extremely important role in the success of a project or product. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of the software development lifecycle, why this is important, and support you to have a good understanding about the software development process.

The importance of Software Development in this ‘era’

The importance of Software Development is demonstrated through two main types of software to date, and they are:

Application software:

As the name suggests, application software are platforms that allow users to perform various operations, such as listening to music, taking pictures, recording and editing – cutting and merging video clips, or even measuring heart rate, checking calorie control and many other purposes. It can be said that application software has been bringing a pretty high profit for application publishers around the world.

Statista shared that by 2020, revenue in Application Development Software is expected to reach 123,340.6 million USD; revenue is expected to reach an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2025) of 10.2%, resulting in a market volume of $ 200,033.7 million by 2025 – figures that show growth ‘ software development of applications worldwide.

System software:

System software is considered to take responsibility for performing many important functions on the computer, such as operating software (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.), utilities (Antivirus, Clipboard manager, Diagnostic Program, etc.) etc) and hardware management.

According to Co-Well, software development and accompanying tools have changed the technology landscape of the world. More than a decade ago, the number of personal computers in the world surpassed one billion; most recently in December 2013, experts estimate that there are about 1.4 billion smartphones in use. Each of these devices is controlled and managed by an operating system – a very complex piece of software with many interrelated functions.

However, that is not all! The software is also used to control giant medical machinery systems, or international nuclear power plants, or on billions of flights of hundreds of airlines around the world over the years. The multitude of fields and jobs need software support, so that we can better understand the importance of Software Development in this ‘era’.

Why do we need to conduct Offshore Software Development?

The rapid rise of the Internet has contributed to the introduction of software programming tools and services that enable new global startups to use software in a wide variety of industries – without investing in new infrastructure, buildings – offices, recruiting or training new employees. Thanks to the leanness, rapid investment and cost savings, programming tools and software development have played a huge role in shaping and supporting.

As Andreessen-Horowitz stated, “software is eating the world!”. At first glance, this lament seems rather ridiculous because of how abstract software can ‘eat’ or ‘drink’ the world. Yet, humans today are dramatically dependent on software, as I mentioned above. Software appears in hospitals, schools, airports, factories, farms, fishing ports … maybe at an international nuclear company, or maybe just applications. mobile application, web application in our daily life.

That is enough for us to see the important role of software and the huge demand for software exploitation of mankind. So, if a country has too large potential to use software but has too small human resources, what will they have to do to meet the demands of their own? And offshore software development appeared as a ‘life buoy’, bringing opportunities to work for millions of software engineers in top countries for outsourcing software development worldwide, and the opportunity to integrate into the ‘technology world’ of thousands of businesses.

Software Development Process, how to simply catch on definition?

Being considered not an easy task, or – in another word – is seen as a complex task with long projects with many stages. Certainly, each team of Developers will have a different way of looking at and handling issues, according to their own style. However, there are still methodologies that are considered the “guideline” of most software development companies in the world, such as Agile methodology. Therefore, each project is considered to include the following 4 core activities:

Define specification, capture customer requests

This is the first typical step and plays a very important role. At this step, the implementation team and stakeholders will discuss together to identify the main functions of the software they plan to build, as well as the problems and limitations they pose to the process.

Design and execution

Once the necessary information and specific plan have been obtained, the development team will proceed to implement the software according to predefined specifications.

Verify and confirm

At this step, the software development team will have to ensure that the software is being developed according to the specifications that the clients have requested previously, in accordance with the business and development needs of the business.

Maintenance and expansion

After completing, handing over and training how to use it to customers, the engineer team will conduct the maintenance, modification and expansion of the software to meet the changing requirements of users and the market.

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