Online Estate Agents: A Quick Comparison

With the rise of online estate agents, homeowners are seemingly doing away with the high costs of selling through High Street and taking the task on themselves. Convenience, lower fees and autonomy over their sales may be a driving force for seeking out an online estate agent but which one they should choose comes down to a number of different factors. Not all online estate agents are created equal and there may be hidden benefits to picking one over the others. By taking a quick look at some of the more popular options on the market, you’ll see just how they stack up and can affect your potential sale.



One of the biggest questions homeowners have when choosing an online estate agent is which offers the lowest fees. When compared with the other two, Yopa is the cheapest but only slightly. At just £100 cheaper on both basic packages across the UK and London postcodes, other factors may end up being more important when deciding which one best suits your needs. For example, it maintains a good reputation, has no hidden fees and typically brings in 97% of the listed sale price, meaning it’s on par or exceeds its competition.

Those looking to sell their home through an online estate agent can feel safe using this service and can expect no surprises during the process while still banking as much profit as possible.



Homeowners only vaguely familiar with the recent trend in online estate agents will still likely recognize Purplebricks as it remains the UK’s most popular options. Compared to its most similar competitor, it does, however, boast slightly more expensive basic packages and packages for London postcodes. Similarly, homeowners can expect increased costs in the form of conveyancing fees when using the “buy now, pay later” method.

These higher costs might not be of the utmost importance if homeowners are looking for peace of mind, however, especially when they’re trying an online estate agent for the first time. For example, in addition to the agent’s stellar reputation, they also offer 24/7 phone and email support unlike their competitors that only offer it during business hours. That, paired with 97% of the listed sale price being achieved on average, means this online option will continue to maintain a strong presence in the market and is a great option for homeowners.



Unlike the other two online estate agents, Housesimple only operates in a select area within the UK. When doing a head-to-head comparison with either of the others, it simply can’t stack up due to its limited range of service. In the North and Midlands area in which it does operate in, however, it offers by far the most affordable pricing for basic packages: free. While unlimited hosted viewings do cost an extra £15 when compared to the other two, it’s negligible given the absence of a fixed fee. Like it’s competitors, it has a great reputation and customer support but does fall ever so slightly short when looking at the sale price achieved – 96% on average – compared to the other two.



No single online estate agent will be meet every homeowner’s needs, so it’s important to weigh the options. This quick comparison answers some of the most basic questions regarding three of the UK’s most popular sites but there are many more in-depth variables and factors that make an online estate agent one that checks all of your boxes. For most of the UK, however, they can expect a similar experience regardless of which one they choose, while northern parts will benefit from low-to-no costs when selling in their respective areas.

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