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Parts and Functions of a Prepaid SIM Card

SIM cards enable people to connect through calls and messages with the use of a mobile phone. Have you ever stopped and wondered what use your phone would be without a SIM card apart from taking photos and probably playing games? Well, here are some of the commonly asked questions that we have tried answering by the research conducted.

What is a SIM card?

Subscriber Identity Module(SIM) is a small chipset that carries and stores all information about subscribers. A SIM card also holds the subscriber’s mobile number and the network carrier’s information. It is also identified as an Integrated Circuit Card(ICC) or Universal Integrated Circuit Card(UICC) in different countries.

Sizes of a Prepaid SIM Card

A prepaid SIM card has three sizes namely; Standard SIM which is the largest, Micro which is standard in size and Nano SIM that comes as the smallest. Each size of SIM card is designed for different phones that come in different SIM slot sizes. Most smartphones are currently using Nano SIM.

SIM Card Types

There are two types of SIM card namely;

CDMA which stands for Code Division Multiple Access and can’t be separated from its phone.

GSM which stands for Global System for Mobiles, is commonly used around the world, can be separated at any time with the phone and inserted to other mobile phones at any time.

There is an emergence of a not so common type of SIM card called eSIM card, also known as Embedded SIM that comes pre-installed as a small chip inside a phone so no physical SIM card is required. It works almost like an NFC chip. The information on eSIM is rewritable and this may be easy for someone who wants to swap network operators.

Parts and Functions of a Prepaid SIM

A SIM card has many parts whereby each has its own purpose. Here are some of the common parts and functions of each.

If looking for a prepaid SIM decide on the best option depending on the area you are in and also the type of mobile phone you use. For more information, visit us and have your questions answered directly by our team.

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