How does the Psychometric test impacts on Leadership?

In this age, one can see a huge competition among the job seekers. However, the quality candidates are still a question for the recruiters. There are many things that HR has to check while hiring a candidate. The candidate must prove as a vital person whose presence can make a change in the situation. It is possible only when the concerned candidate has such a mindset as well as a skill set.

To check the skill set of a profile is still possible but it is not possible to know one’s mindset, and hence the HR has to use a number of tools that can help him get the true picture of the mindset of a candidate. With the help of a few tests, this is made possible by the experts who know how to evaluate the skill of an individual and hence the tests have such questions that can help one know the reaction of an individual while being in a particular situation. This can help one to find the right candidate for a specific job.

In the accomplishment of a common task, the process in which an individual influence the social work culture and subsequently aid and support others, is termed to be leaders in an organization. In a business or corporate world, a leader is always expected to inspire the vision of future, motivate and move along with them together to realize that vision.

It is seldom believed that a leader among a group is intuitive, creative, committed, honest, and confident and committed to having a positive attitude to inspire and delegate tasks to the right people and departments in whole. The conditions and combinations mentioned in the above part are highly demandable for organizations and desired by the recruiters. But these skills and characteristics do not land at your doorstep rather very rare and hard to find.

As recruiting employees in an organization are the department of an HR Executive, they face a lot of struggle to position the right kind of candidate in a company. This HR put their effort to recognize the leaders who will lead the team effectively and appropriately. This is when; the psychometric tools come in the way to help the executives and professionals to analyze the candidate’s total configuration in-depth.

What do you need to identify leadership potential- Psychometric Test?

The answer to this question is quite negative. Academicians, founders of multi-national companies have opined that you cannot only rely on psychometric tests to judge an individual if he could be a leader to

your organization or not. The set of skills and characteristics cannot be determined so abruptly using psychometric tools.

Karen Higginbottom, even agreed with the statement that a psychometric test could not be taken up to find a leader. Rather, many professors stated that instead of a psychometric test, an assessment center should be set up, which would include the combination of psychometric tests, group meetings and work sampling.

Can Psychometric Tests be an application to Leadership?

It is 100 per cent agreeable that the psychometric tests involve testing of competencies, traits, intelligence and values of a candidate. There are many psychometric tests to identify a leader by the characteristics he or she might be possessed of. But, a good professor once stated, you cannot drag out everything out of a human being in the tests technically designed.

You are going to have one on one conversation which would bring down pinpoints of the candidate’s capability to justify the position you are allowing him to take down from that conversation. Your intuition of his skills and characteristics should be stronger than the psychometric trusts.

Take a particular instance where you have screened two candidates through the psychometric tests. One is a fresher you did well in the test, but the other holds six years of experience in the same sector. The second one did well but not that of the first one. So, as an HR professional, you need someone experienced with the capability to run the position well.

Moreover, the bonding between you and the position of a company lies in the hand of an ideal conversation and not through a test. It is often versioned that the candidates who do well in the tests still do not fit into the corporate culture. This is when you spend a lot of valuable learning time with the board of directors that lead the company well into the cave of success.

It is, on the other hand, good enough for the candidate and the organization to interact with each other well beforehand. How will you know if the person chosen from the test will comply with the role you want? A psychometric will not place a white-board of the person you are going to place in your company. It will only display his or her scores. It won’t screen the personality there.

What is needed for Leaders Recognition?

The roles played by the psychometric tests are not enough to build the strength of an organization upon whom a senior position should rely on. Rather, a series of discussions, interviews, background check of the candidate and experience will lead you to safe recruitment. Leadership is not yours or mine quota; rather, it is your conversation with the candidate in person that leads discovery of an individual as a leader.

Some tips for a Leader to make his leadership effective

1. A leader is successful with a team. Evidence and research have shown their calculations that the pressure exerted by the team enables a leader to be an ‘all-rounder’.

2. A team which works together in harmony shares success together. A real and genuine collaboration of a leader and his or her teammate’s nukes a global impact.

Psychometric assessments lead you to find a leader along with an intuition that lies deep down your heart. These tips and the questionnaires will enable you to identify the right kind of person in a senior position or as+ a leader.


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