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Remarkable Benefits of Social Media

When it comes to leveraging the power of social media to build a brand, it can be hard to wrap your mind around the different elements, especially since there are so many platforms. There’s also the fact that many consumers communicate on social media throughout the day. When developing a business, it’s necessary to leverage any resources and tools needed to build brand equity. Fortunately, social media monitoring tools can help you advance key objectives and save time in the process. Let’s take a closer look at the different features available for social media monitoring and how they’re beneficial.

About Social Media Monitoring

There’s a lot that goes into social media monitoring. In fact, it extends beyond social media platforms and involves blogs, websites and review sites. It’s essentially anywhere that someone can share ideas or their opinion about your business. It also includes information that might be found in a news article. It’s the reason why leading brands use NetBase, a social analytics company to obtain consumer insights. They are the leader in social analytics. NetBase has worked with Coca-Cola, Cuisinart, Lloyds Bank, Arby’s, Credit Suisse, McCann and many other top brands. Through social media monitoring, you can listen in on conversations that occur just about anywhere online.

Gaining Valuable Insights

There are many occasions when customers share information about a brand with their friends and family that they wouldn’t necessarily say to you as a brand representative. If you don’t know how they feel about your products or services, you may not know what needs to improve. While you can read online reviews, they may not tell the entire story. You’re more likely to gain valuable insights when using tools offered by companies like NetBase, such as their customer experience analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). To some degree, this type of monitoring is like learning what customers think instead of what they say.

Improving Customer Service Levels

There was a time when customer complaints were mainly reported by phone and email. While those are still methods used, they’re not the only methods. These days, consumers frequently tag brands on social media for the entire world to see. When this happens, it’s important to manage the situation promptly because prospective customers are paying attention too. It’s not just about providing a response. It’s about providing a timely response and indirectly using it as a public relations opportunity. The use of monitoring tools can help to make sure you don’t miss negative feedback that’s online, which can be problematic. If you have multiple social media accounts, it can be difficult to manage all of the feedback.

Learning About Competitors

If you’ve ever wanted to spy on your competitors, social media monitoring is a great way to do it. You can find out about what’s going on in your industry, including news related to your competition. You can also find out about their interactions with customers, which can lead to new opportunities. You can also find out what your competitor is doing to achieve success. Sometimes you can identify a need for a new product or service based on analytics.

In addition to the benefits already discussed, you can also mitigate problems that are starting to surface. It’s always better to solve problems while they’re small. Monitoring is a much better way to keep an eye on issues so they don’t become a public relations nightmare. It’s about effectively managing the reputation of your brand and protecting the bottom line.