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Social Media Application Causes Major Changes in the World

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Most people use social media applications to communicate with their friends or maybe kill some time when they get bored. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, causes significant changes in today’s world. This was a revolutionary application that 60% of people of the world are using it. The more people using this application means that it has a more significant opportunity for the business to consider. 

As the day passes, they continue to develop this application, and other developers imitate this kind of use as it was a massive success for this century and also for the future. Many developers see this as an opportunity and develop a new program/application that may help the user’s daily needs. The chatbots or robots that have Artificial Intelligence are capable of understanding human language were installed in the form of facebook messenger to help the user obtain or gather data as soon as possible. 


Text message on your phone also has the function of chatbots or newly developed or other applications like WhatsApp follow through. Getting a fast and reliable data, or helping the user to save time and effort is very helpful to many people like Booking flight, setting a meeting paying bills and even help them in their daily needs. 

Sharing of Information 

By sharing information on social media, people can decide quickly on what to do as they already get what information they want. Instead of calling or doing the manual procedure on inquiring manually by getting to the places they want, they are now using social media to help them gather information as they wish without exerting so much effort. Chatbots application is a helpful tool for getting the necessary information they want. 

Impact of Social Media 

Study base from Pew Research that 62% of the people get news. Entertainment or spend their time using social media every day. Not only it has effects on business but in politics as well. In comparison to other media like newspaper, TV media and radio. Social media has the most significant impact on them as they can share and gather information 24 hours as fast and reliable as the other media. They can attack and defend a particular politician using the social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. 


It has also affected society by gaining followers and affections towards many people by showing their talents and capabilities. Thanks to the internet, people can find their interest in social media platforms as a stranger may help or can encourage them to do so. People who are introverted using social media to avoid being lonely or getting left by.  


They can create memes for enjoyment or share what they feel that they can’t tell in front of a person. The downside of this social media impact is it slowly killing realism as they tend to choose to spend time on the internet rather than having a real interaction of people. 


Social media commerce was also affected by this significant impact. Most of the business want’s they information/business spread out to many people as they can. Using TV ads or newspaper is one of the solutions, but the most significant impact of them all is social media.  


People can share information as long as they want; no one can stop people from sharing. Whether it is good or bad, they can share it as long as they want and we have called it freedom of expression. 


Many businesses using social media to generate insights stimulate demand can even create a solution for their problem and use it to improve their business. They can quickly get feedback from their customers and make a proper adjustment of it. Make ads on social media tends to be useful as 60-80 percent of people using the internet nowadays as the source of information 

The Misfortune of Social Media 

Cyberbullying The most targeted by this is the teenagers. Most of the teenagers need to fit on what the world can offer. In social media, if you post something good like showing your body or talents may get a proper approval and praises but when give negative comments or attacking someone like spreading rumors can be targeted on social media bullying. Social media can also be used in blackmailing and destroying one reputation. 


Lack of privacyIf you share your information, means everyone can get your information in just one click. They can also do stalking, identity theft, and maybe victimize into crime. There is some information that must not be open to the public as they can use it against you. 


Social media is exciting and can be helpful to our daily needs. It can help as in our work, studies, businesses, and many more. One must know that there are limits on sharing information or using the social media platform.  


It may be useful or us or bad for us. It depends on how we use it in our daily life. You just need to remember that there is a downside in using and spending too much of your time on social media because social media is also starting to kill realism and real interactions of people. 



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