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Super Successful Tactics to Make Your Video Marketing Campaigns Stand Out


Is your brand viral yet?

While going viral should not be the main goal of your promotional campaign, the term has started to define companies’ success, and all businesses want their name to go viral. Your goal should be to build a strong reputation that helps you attract more clients.

You may have been hearing many statistics about how effective video marketing is, but the truth is by adding video content to your campaign, you can retain more people than if you create a traditional campaign. 80% of people watch online videos weekly, and 50% of them watch video content daily. An one-minute video sends a stronger message than 1.8 million words.

Create video content around a story

Millions of videos on the Internet have a single purpose, to convince people to make a purchase. But this type of content annoys people and even repels them. Your company shouldn’t be the guy that stresses customers out. How can you do it? By centering your content around a story. You need to highlight the value your company provides to your audience.

The key to making your marketing campaign stand out is to appeal to people’s desires and needs and to use the emotive power of videos.

A great idea is to create content that shares the origins of the business, its culture, and how it can change people’s lives.

Offer viewers the best 10 seconds of the day

30% of viewers close the video within 10 seconds. Your video needs to be short and relevant to attract people’s attention. What should you do? Get right to the main idea and address viewers’ expectations from the first 5 or 10 seconds of the video.

An effective strategy is to spark their curiosity by teasing the subject or by asking questions. When someone clicks on your video, they ask themselves, “Why should I watch it?”. You have to answer this question within 10 seconds if you want to retain their attention.

Should they continue to watch it because it’s informative or because it makes them laugh?

Don’t get stuck with boring videos

Many companies have the misconception that comedy doesn’t belong in the marketing world. There’s no point to limit your options, use whatever strategy can help you achieve your goal. Is it effective and economical? Then it’s the right choice.

Ask yourself what your public wants. They want the info you provide to enlighten them and to pull them out of their routine.

When used right, humour can attract more clients than simple informative content. Snickers is one of the brands that count on comedy to spark the public’s attention.

The secret is to not feel constrained by what your competitors do because you don’t have to copy their tone and subjects. Your goal is to stand out and you can do it by producing funny promotional videos.

Produce SEO optimised videos

You can use multiple strategies to ensure your audience easily finds your videos with search engines. After you use a video maker to produce it, you should upload it on your website before sharing it on social media channels.

It’s advisable to enable embedding on your content because it boosts the chances to receive inbound marketing links.

Descriptions are vital for SEO. Why? They allow search engine spiders to understand what is the subject of the video and what information it provides. When you post videos, tag them with relevant keywords, write unique descriptions and titles and highlight their purpose.

Use videos to educate your public

Most video producers don’t know what 70% of people are visual learners. You can use this in your advantage if you use video marketing to educate your clients. Education comes in multiple forms, so you can use the one that fits your purpose.

Use video to teach people how to use your products or how to make the most of its benefits. It also allows you to prove your expertise in the industry and to position your company as a leader. By showing your clients that you can add value to their lives, you can retain them.

Use videos to highlight the social impact your products or services have. When you produce videos to share your business’ success focus on your clients’ stories. Human-focused videos and filmed testimonials are always effective in convincing the public the brand they present is the best.

Your videos should evoke emotions

There’s a slight difference between a standard video and a viral one. A viral video evokes the public’s emotions. If you’ll try to find out what all viral marketing campaigns have in common, you’ll see they convey a message. Standard campaigns on the other hand only try to sell a product awakening no emotion.

You decide what you want to transmit, it can range from humour to happiness, sadness and even hate. If it’s relevant for your business’ values, and it promotes it the way you want, you can appeal to any emotion. By adding an emotional touch to your marketing content, you get notices on the market and the public is more likely to resonate with your ads.

How can you evoke empathy? Identify the feeling people want to have when they use your products and create a storyline that induces it. Coca Cola’s Christmas campaign is a great example because when people see the red trucks and hear the classic soundtrack, they get a festive vibe.

Identify your target audience

Your goal may be your video to appeal to a wide public, but it’s more important it to engage prospective clients. At the end of the day, they are the ones who will probably make a purchase.

Before producing the video, you should ask yourself some questions. What do my clients want? What do my buyers care about? What products do they like the most? Answering these questions helps you determine the message your video has to transmit.

Video marketing is the key to make your promotional campaigns stand out. It can be difficult to create the perfect one, but if you bear in mind the above tips, you can do it.



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