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Textbook for Novices about Google Data Studio


For those who deal with creating reports, and who need knowledge of how this methodology works, we offer this Google Data Studio tutorial for novices.

Introduction to Google Data Studio

So, Google Data Studio – what is it?

If you are engaged in various reporting and want to facilitate your work, not only creating tables and charts, but also monitoring the changes taking place, the Google Data Studio instrument will become your assistant.

This methodology will not lead to cash costs but give great opportunities because it may be available not only to you. Your colleagues and consumers can see reports, comment on and edit them. Moreover, in this service there is a repository of ready-made reports, from where you can apply ready-made forms by including your data in them.

Pros of Google Data Studio

The main advantage of Google Data Studio is the ability to generate visual information without the problems inherent in Google Analytics Dashboards, for example, without the problem of 12 widgets.

Other advantages of Data Studio:

  • Lack of payment;
  • At least 240 integrations;
  • A large number of widgets;
  • Adapted data exchange;
  • Repository of ready-made reports with various forms.

You want to know how to use Google Data Studio? Then this guide is for you.

How to get started with Google Data Studio?

Accumulating data

This textbook advises that all information must be pre-accumulated, in particular, in Google BigQuery.

  1. This is where OWOX BI Pipeline comes in.
  2. And to transfer information to Google BigQuery using OWOX BI Pipeline, you need support for any of the listed (and not only) applications: Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing Ads, Criteo, and others.

Entering data

By following a specific procedure, you can enter information from any acceptable resources.

Creation of demo items

Data Studio allows you to create 15 required items:

All these items can be grouped into three categories:

  • Visualization items
  • Design items
  • Filtration items

Steps to use these demo items:

  1. Activation of the position “Create report”.
  2. The choice of the demo items and the place of its application.

Let`s say your goal is a pie chart, then the actions could be as follows:

  •  Transition to a different chart style with new segments, borders, colors and more;
  •  Replacement or updating of indicators, their systematization or certain gradation, and the selection of the required target groups.

The result of the implementation of the specified algorithm will be a demo dashboard.

How you can enable your colleagues to see the reporting

After successfully completing all reporting activities, you may need to discuss the results with your colleagues.

You can choose one of the following methods:

Activate the Open Access position in the File menu or by going to the upper right corner, activate the Share command.

Both paths are equivalent and after adding the necessary addresses within the framework of any of the above methods, all reporting information will be available to the relevant specialists.

Creating a innovativer report using OWOX BI

With all the advantages of Google Data Studio, it is intended only for visual presentation of information.

If you need to create dashboards based on more detailed and in-depth calculations, you cannot do this without such a tool as OWOX BI. This service uses various applications such as Facebook, Bing Ads, Criteo and the like. These are all sources of information.

What is OWOX BI doing?

It automatically organizes information from different sources. At the same time, there is no need for tedious activities of sorting, cleaning and processing information.

If your assistant is OWOX BI Smart Data, reporting is no longer a problem for you.

The procedure for using OWOX BI Smart Data is detailed in our textbook.

Working with the OWOX BI Smart Data service and analyzing various directions in advertising activities, you can easily establish priority directions in the field of marketing activities.

And finally, here’s your last argument. To send an answer to Google Data Studio, you just need to press your finger on the mouse once.



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