The 5 Best YouTube to MP3 Convertors

YouTube to MP3 Convertors

YouTube is undeniably the perfect place to enjoy videos and music, so it is the treasury of human happiness, music fans usually come to YouTube for the most popular music videos that can always be attained for offline listening. There is a vast range of websites to extract audio from YouTube videos. But what is the best way to do this?

Here we listed to focus principle on desktop software, as the programs have various distinct advantages,

Why we like it: It has a very simple and user-friendly interface that concentrates on making the job done. It is quick and doesn’t have a lot of ads.

How to use it: While you are watching a video and discover yourself needing to download it as MP3, copy the URL into this converter, and in a few seconds, you will have the MP3 file ready.

They are more agile to convert and download then browser-based tools.

They do not need any registration with your email address and therefore, there is no chance of getting spam. can be your best choice. it’s fast, simple , and also safe to browse.



Why we like it: it is entirely free and it has an aesthetically beautiful design; converto can download videos both as videos or just audio.

How to use it: You have to do is paste a link within the required search box and the choice whether you need to convert it into an MP3 or MP4 music format.



Why we like it: There is no requirement for email registration or downloading any external software. You can use it in all web browsers, including Google Chrome.

How to use it: It is incredibly easy to use, requiring you to paste the URL of the video you need to download or a few keywords, which will then enable you to choose the video and download it.


Online Video Converter

Why we like it: it needs no registration so that you can use it right away without any annoyance. You do not need to install any additional software to use it. It works incredibly crossways all web browsers.

How to use it: Like all the above-mentioned converters, this converter enables its user to copy and paste a link to the relevant video in the required field. The user can find the converted video in seconds by selecting a custom file format of his choice.

Clip Grab

Why we like it: It has an integrated search feature that saves you a lot of a hassle. It has a clipboard monitoring function that allows you to copy a video URL to the clipboard, and this software will offer to download it.

How to use it: To use it you, just copy a YouTube video URL to the clipboard, and this software will speedily allow you to download the video. You can also paste the URL into the required field, after that you require only confirm that you want the music file in MP3 and click grab this clip.

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