The 7-Traits of Successful Web Application Development

Today, the craze for mobile web applications is increasing day by day. The AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) have ensured the instant delivery of crispr news content, and have managed their way to the top-most search results of Google. Recently a report suggested that the digital platform is being led by mobiles, out of which 52% media engagement is done via the applications.

With the increase in consumption of mobile, imparting the users with efficient and fast experience has become paramount that helps to boost conversions, sales, and impressions. Here we have listed the top 7 traits of a successful web application development that entice the online stores, news outlets, and publishers.

1-Full-screen app experience: PWA (Progressive Web Application) brings several benefits to the native application experience. The devices that do not even support such apps won’t have to make any sacrifices. You can duly note the difference between using a native application on the device and viewing the website in a browser. With the PWA, you can now have the experience of a fully-loaded screen for the site.

2-Ability to add the app to the home screen: Every successful web application can be added to the home screen of the device. It enhances the chances of re-engagement. Users are generally prompted to add apps to their home screen with successful branding accompanied by an icon. It is regarded as the primary step to create a native experience for the users.

3-Should work even in offline mode: Now begins the exciting part, which tells us that a progressive web application should be able to work with minimal internet connectivity or even without being online. It means that your content shall never be lost even when you are in a poor connectivity locale. Your shopping carts or your content should be able to function in offline mode.

4-Push notification facilities: Some of the included features of a successful web application are the various options of interactivity, which do not entirely resemble the native apps but are very likely the same. With the push notification feature, the user is allowed to engage and re-engage with the content of the publisher in a way that native applications can. The push notifications from the PWAs will pop-up in the same manner in the notification bar as the native apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Tinder function.

5-Exceptional ways to share the contents: If a user finds the content on the web application engaging enough, he or she would wish to share it in different ways. In the obsolete applications, the only way to share stuff online was via Twitter or Facebook. However, with the introduction of some of the astounding traits of the web application, the user will be able to share the web’s content through all the apps that are stored on the device.

6-Loading time should be quick: If a web application takes comparatively more time to load, it becomes a major turn off for the user and results in a low rank over the search engine. A survey conducted suggested that if a website takes even a second longer to load, the conversion rate can be reduced by 7% because of it. Notably, the e-commerce web applications must ensure to pick up the fast loading feature of a PWA.

7-Optimized with the Search Engine: A PWA is always optimized with the search engine. And that is regarded as one of the essential traits of a successful web application development program. But, you need to understand that comprehensive optimization of a web application is a continuous task, which involves three areas of SEO: on-site optimization, off-site optimization, and on-page optimization.

Bottom Line

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