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The Best Kept Secrets About Twitter Strategies

Twitter is an American social networking and microblogging platform. It is a prolific ground for marketing opportunities. You might have mastered the basics of the Twitter world, but here we have the best-kept secrets about Twitter strategies. These strategies can aid a lot in building your loyal customer base, drive traffic to your sites, generate leads, and spread awareness of your brand. Moreover, we will also share tips to generate Twitter auto following.

So, without further ado, let’s move toward some serious information about the best Twitter marketing strategies to follow in 2021.

Strengthen Your Twitter profile

A Twitter profile represents you in front of the world. From profile picture to header and bio, everything has to be perfect. Being a brand, it is significant for you to keep your Twitter handle up-to-date yet simple.

Besides, your Twitter handle should represent the mission of your brand solely. Your profile picture should be relatable to your brand; however, it is best to use your company logo.

Tweet in the Peak Hours

Tweet during the time when people are active on Twitter to make it seen by majority audiences. To know the best time to tweet, do an experiment and tweet on different day hours and notice when you get more clicks, shares, or comments.

Once you are aware of potential peak hours, you can use apps to auto-generate your post in the peak time.

Pro Tip: You can use tools like Tweriod and Followerwonk to know the finest time to tweet. Besides, it also indicates when most of your followers are online.

Use #Hashtags Wisely

Choosing and placing hashtags is a tricky job, but luckily, we also have tools to indicate the relevant hashtags. One such useful tool is Hashtagify. This tool will list out multiple hashtags for you to use in your posts to enhance visibility.

Know that overusing hashtags can do more harm than good, so it is significant to understand hashtags’ accurate placement and usage.

Use Twitter Cards

Twitter cards are exclusive advertisements on the platform. You can set these Twitter cards to support your campaigns. Moreover, you can use catchy headings and striking images to make these cards aesthetically pleasant and appealing.

These Twitter cards help you mark your social media presence, boost your visibility, and mend your reputation. Use relevant hashtags along with your cards to make them more effective.

Run a Contest/Poll/Quiz

Running a contest will not only engage your existing followers but will also generate potential ones. Further, it helps your followers on other social media to follow you on Twitter as well.

You can reward your followers for winning the contest. This will not only make them your loyal customers but will also increase your goodwill. This reward can be an exclusive discount offer or even a gift.

Clean up Your Following List

This effective tip is to do a clean-up of who you are following. Yes, you’ve heard it right. You have to do a clean-up to get genuine followers, then buy a follower management tool to get suggestions for new active followers.

Pro Tip: Your best companion in this clean-up procedure would be the following tools: JustUnfollow, ManageFlitter, and Followerwonk.

Auto Following

Social media experts find this practice called “auto-follow Twitter” effective. It is when a new follower gets to your page, your page follows back automatically. In this regard, one of the best auto-following tools is SocialOomph.

SocialOomph has a free and pro version. Luckily, the free version allows you to implement auto-following on Twitter.

Step-by-Step Guide to Activate “Auto-Follow Twitter”

Step 1: Go to SocialOomph, get yourself registered, and log in.

Step 2: Now navigate to “Manage Account” and hit the Twitter account you want to use for auto-follow.

Step3: Checkmark the dialogue box that says “follow back new people who follow the account.”

Once you have launched this feature, you can send personalized messages to your new followers.


Marketing strategies have evolved, and social media platforms have become a hub of potential marketers, especially Twitter. Such a competitive environment makes it essential for all the newbies to learn the ins and outs of this world. Keep your urge to learn new strategies alive and practice tips & tricks mentioned in the content to get the maximum benefits. Working smart is the only technique that will help you stand out and shine brightly. We hope this guide has been helpful to you. Good Luck!