The Top Tech Skills That Are In High-Demand In 2020

Are you planning to change your current field and desire a switch into tech? Then, read this article to understand what new skills you can consider for a fresh start. Maximize your market worth by learning an innovative and a needed tech skill. Learn a new skill, depending on your personality and interest. This way, you get to hit the future opportunities and gain high rewards. Here I’ve listed my top five tech picks that are in demand in 2020.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The No.1 on my list comes the AWS. It is a highly-demanding cloud computing platform that has to offer diverse range of products or services like compute, databases, storage, networking, analytics, customer engagement, developer tools, management tools, security, and enterprise applications. It is stated that AWS has grown by 418 percent over the recent years, which is a surprising figure for a new technology. In 2019, AWS was positioned in the top ten tech job skills. In the contemporary business environment, AWS is widely used by large enterprises, startups, and SMEs. The positions like cloud developers, cloud system integrators, cloud software engineers, operational support engineers, DevOps engineers, AWS cloud architects, AWS networking specialists, and AWS SysOps administrators are primarily using the amazon web services. In 2020, Amazon AWS certification is predicted to be the most popular tech choice for software engineers. If you are looking to learn a new tech skill in AWS, then check on the AWS Solution Architect training. The course is structured by industry experts to prepare people for professional exams. You can develop highly demanded skills in no time and at affordable rates. The potential applications of AWS include:

Financial Services: An increased number of financial institutions, banks, and businesses are including AWS into their workflow.

Retail: Over the last two years in the retail industry, AWS certification has been considered the highest growing skill. It is used in data modeling, app development, and to improve operations.

Government & Non-Profits: They are employing AWS for cybersecurity, robotic process automation, and cloud processes. AWS has become a needed skill of them to succeed in their industry.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the most innovative and profitable skill that you can learn this year. This highly-rewarding tech covers diverse range of uses like Siri, chatbots, Alexa, self-driving cars, predictive analysis, and much more. If you are thinking of taking an online course in machine learning, then you must register now because the demand has just started to ramp up. According to a study, roughly 49 percent of the companies are presently interested in making use of machine learning. This revolutionary tech fits well to serve the needs of every industry, including textile, agriculture, healthcare, finance, banking, education, etc. The potentials are infinite, and you can conveniently apply for machine learning, subject to your interests. Over the recent years, machine learning is in high demand. In 2019, more funding was provided to the machine learning startups. In the USA, machine learning engineers have been offered the best jobs. In 2020, the expected salary of machine learning engineer is going to be $138K+. Around 12,000 positions are listed on the LinkedIn platform. Thus, mentioning your machine learning skills on your resume can leave a positive impression on the recruiter. This can also increase your chances of getting hired in a reputable organization at a decent salary package.

Data Visualization

It is the graphic representation of data. It attempts to create images so that data can be communicated to the viewers most adequately. This communication is done by using the systematic mapping between data values and graphic marks. In modern times, data visualization is a great tool to deliver the significance of data with the help of visual context. For example, you can transform the excel sheets or reports into tables, charts, and graphs. This way, your target audience is in a better position to understand what you are trying to communicate. Data visualization bridges the gap between non-technical and technical skills. You get to transform the real data gathered by analysts into an arrangement that anyone can comprehend. In 2020, data visualization is going to be a huge career for people who have got the interests and appropriate skills. They can be designers, developers, analysts, statisticians, writers, project managers, communicators, and the staff who work with them. In coming years, an increased demand of data visualization specialists is expected in all the big corporations and SMEs. Employers aim to make the best use of large amounts of data so they can deliver real business results. For instance, it helps them to recognize factors that influence human behavior, forecast sales volume, identify loopholes, identify business areas that can be improved, identify market trends, etc.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Generally, the term IoT includes everything related to the internet. It has been progressively employed to define certain objects that ‘communicate’ to each other. Simply speaking, an IoT is composed of devices, from sensors to smartphones to wearables. Everything is connected. Perhaps, you have a reasonable idea that everything coupled on the internet can be easily hacked. That’s why security is the top concern of users. The state and federal laws have been working to make IoT devices more secure and safer to use. Developing a tech skill specialized in IoT can offer high-rewards. For instance, the current market demand of cybersecurity professionals is quite high. Individuals who specialize in cybersecurity are likely to be in a better position to offer viable security solutions. If you are wondering whether to consider IoT as a tech career or not, then you must know that it can be a great option for the coming years. In 2020, the boom of IoT tech jobs is highly expected. In 2016, a poll was conducted and reported that 94 percent of the organizations were enthusiastic to invest in projects or initiatives to prepare them for the IoT. The average salary for an IoT professional or specialist is estimated to be $101K. Interestingly, it is stated that IoT will have a massive economic impact of around $11 trillion by 2025.


Next, on my list comes the Python. It is a high-level, easy-to-learn, and general-purpose programming language that has to offer multiple features to its users. They can create diverse range of applications such as software, web, numeric, scientific, 3D, games, and desktop GUI (graphical user interference) apps. Python is going to be the next best technical skill for 2020. Python has been enormously used by reputable positions such as software engineers, software developers, application developers, web developers, data analysts, data scientists, programmers, researchers, and quality assurance testers. If you are thinking of potential applications, then read the following:

Scientific Research: In this field, Python contributes in examining experimental data that was collected through research.

Digital Marketing: In 2020, Python is going to be a great technical skill to serve digital marketing needs. It helps with web development, Tableau, data science, and business strategy.

Data Science: Python is regarded as the highly-rewarding technical skill in the data science field. It is employed to finish tasks like data visualization, data analysis, and machine learning.

Scripting Automation: In this field, Python has been positioned to automate repetitive activities in organizations. It includes renaming computer files, updating spreadsheets, and scraping the web.

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