Top 10 Affiliate Programs for Beginners in 2020

Top 10 Affiliate Programs

Whether you are looking for a bit of extra money or a new job, affiliate programs do offer a genuine way of getting into online business. They are not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme – there is hard work involved – but are a proven way of making money if you’re willing to put the hours in. So, which are the best beginner affiliate programs for 2020? Read on!

1 – Amazon Associates Affiliate Program is at the top of the list for a reason. It’s the number one in just about every way, is proven and tested, and gives you access to niches that may be unavailable elsewhere. Join for free, follow the guidelines, and start making money before you know it.

2 – eBay Affiliate Program is another from an internet giant, this being the world’s premier online auction site. Many items on eBay are, nevertheless, fixed price which allows you to build a good affiliate platform, and the terms of use have recently been updated to bring it into line with the other players in the market.

3 – Clickbank Affiliate Network has been in the business for almost two decades and remains a leader in the affiliate world. Focusing on smaller brands, this is a great opportunity for newcomers to the field, and free join-up and some very impressive commission deals – depending on the package – make it a favourite with novices.

4 – Commission Junction may not be a name that springs to mind, Commission Junction is a major player in affiliate selling and pays out around $2billion each year. They work with various advertising portals, are open to niche markets, and you can get some very impressive commission returns if you play this one right. Certainly worth a look.

5 – Rakuten Affiliate Network regularly receives industry plaudits as a major name in affiliate marketing and works with some well-known blue-chip advertisers, thus strengthening the power of its platform. Definitely one for the novices, this is where you should go for decent returns on niche products with sensible levels of exposure, as many newcomers to the affiliate world have already don.

6 – Shopify is a name that is rapidly gaining a reputation as a great starting point for newbies in the affiliate marketing field, thanks to its ongoing success and the diverse range of brands that uses the platform. You can draw in some very impressive commission rates if you hit the mark with your chosen products, and it comes very highly recommended by industry insiders.

7 – AWeber is best known for its automation tools and expertise in email marketing and has transferred that into its own affiliate programme. With a simple to use system that, once you get it right, gives you recurring commission payments, this is definitely one for the newcomers as it is easy to get to grips with.

8 – PeerFly may be hampered by what is a convoluted signing-up process, but what this smaller affiliate marketing expert offers is of great interest to the novice. Work with them to get through the initial stages, and you have one of the best niche marketing portals around, and a chance to make some serious income.

9 – Ali Express can be viewed in many ways as a smaller version of Amazon, and while not a household name does have some excellent opportunities. Bear in mind that they deal mainly in cut-price goods from China, and you can see why it’s  popular with people dipping a toe in the water!

10 – FlexOffers may be last on this list but they are up there with the major players in affiliate marketing, with more than 13,000 advertisers, an award-winning network and a reputation for excellent results, so make this one for your shortlist.

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