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Top 10 Websites for Amazing Diamond Painting Ideas

Technology and art are closely linked. Today, artists worldwide are using various software and tools to get their work done. In fact, it has made the designing simpler and quite easier. Now you can access thousands of sources online to learn any form of art right at your home. No need to attend classes. These sources provide step by step tutorials that are really helpful. They provide enough guidance to the beginners as well as the experts.

Various websites are listed here. These give awesome ideas for diamond painting. You can view them and have something unique. Just follow their design or add some of your own by making changes to it. It’s all about your creativity and interest in this art.

Let’s begin!


This is an incredibly helpful site. On the homepage, it has these categories to search for:

It has a huge collection which is really impressive. It’s a perfect platform for the beginners and pro artists. It’s loaded with ideas that you can follow to create the best diamond painting you’d ever wished for! The best thing is there’s a how-to section that gives guidelines and important tips.


At this site, you’ll find the best diamond paint kits. You can buy any of these in a few clicks. The prices differ but these are affordable. All kits are given there with images. So, it’s convenient for you to decide which product to go for. It has an additional option which is Custom Diamond Painting Kits. The link is given at the top of the homepage. All you have to do is upload your desired photo and that’s all. It’ll process the picture and turn it into a beautiful artwork.

The price for the art work is only $20.95. It has various payment options to choose from.


It’s another wonderful site for all types of diamond painting artists. It has custom diamond painting which is a great feature. There are design categories such as flowers, birds, animals, dogs, diamonds and Christmas diamond painting. There is a link for tools and accessories that you’d require to make a diamond painting. So, it’s packed with lots of information.

A great thing about ilovediyart is that it has a blog. There’s plenty of content about tips and techniques used in diamond painting. You can master this art in a few weeks if you’re using this website.


This is a beautiful website. It has diamond painting kits that you can buy online. There’s a new section about the Tools. You can have all important tools required for the painting. If you’re looking for the most useful tools for your new painting, this is surely the best platform to have them.

The how-to link has various tutorials for the artists.  It has valuable tips and guidelines as well. You can also buy a gift card for your spouse or a close friend. Surprise them with the beautiful diamond painting kit and tools. They’d love it and it’s going to be so unique present, a memorable one indeed!


This is a great website with many products and tools to choose from. There are how-to’s as well that are perfect for the beginners. Experts can also learn a lot from it. You can buy gift card for a friend as well. Its collection list is huge. It includes:

You can surf through them and enjoy.



If you’re planning to buy a custom diamond painting, this site is for you! There are many products as well to choose from. It has various categories including Disneyland which is unique to this website. There’s one section about Special Diamond Painting Kits. You’ll love to shop from there.

There’s a step by step guide about how to do diamond painting on the homepage next to the categories. You can follow these simple steps to create a nice artwork.


It has over 4000 diamond art kits. All are 5D. It has various categories such as birds, zodiac, floral, animals, animated, butterflies, cars, Christmas, DC heroes, dragons, Easter, firefighters, food, galaxy, heavy bikes, Islamic calligraphy and fantasy world. You’ll find a guide to diamond painting in the how-to section. Buy a gift card for only $10 and surprise your dear ones.

The online store has three currency options to choose from.


This is a perfect platform for Germans. Its language is also German. But you’ll have the option to translate if you’re using an advanced browser. It has many categories. There are some tips also given that are easily understandable for the natives.

Buying diamond painting kits is also possible at There are paintings for famous people. You can buy any that you admire the most. A FAQs section is also given at the end.


As the URL says, it’s also a German website about diamond painting. It has a lot of categories from all aspects of life. There are guidelines also. You can buy art kits that you like from there. Some tips are posted on the main page. You can read and learn from them. There’s an option of subscribing to their newsletter. All you have to do is enter your email and that’s it. They’ll send the newsletter via email to you.


It’s a popular social media site with everything on earth. You will find here many diamond paintings from various sites. Just search the right keywords in it and there you go. It has all images in the form of pins. You can download them easily and also navigate to the website from where the pin is posted.

Whether you are a new to diamond painting or an expert, these 10 websites will surely help. Enjoy using them and learn as you navigate through them.