Top 3 Writing Tools for Students: Grammar Checker, Plagiarism Checker, Paraphrasing Tool

With the advancements in fields of Information Technology in recent history, many people across a broad spectrum of fields have found their lives becoming easier with more laborious tasks becoming really easy with computers and the use of Software. Unprecedented changes have been observed ever since computers became regular household and office items. New fields as well as new applications have emerged with this recent trend.

This particular article deals with how information technology has affected students and their academia in a positive manner. Information technology and advancements in development of software has played key role in making education faster, more sophisticated and more efficient.

Prepostseo is a leading organization and developing multiple tools for students for making online learning easy and fruitful. Not only language learning however, mathematical and financial calculators are also in abundance on this website.

Moving on, here we will discuss top 3 tools relevant to educational writing and how they top the list for their usefulness for students.

These three software are the Grammar Checker, Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker and the Paraphrasing Tool.

These three have been observed to be the most used software tools amongst students for their immense practical significance in a student’s daily life whether they’ re dealing with assignments, report writing or research work, thus becoming the top tools for students.

We have discussed each of these three tools in detail below. – Grammar Checker

Before understanding what Grammar Checker is, first we shed light on the definition of Grammar and its importance that led to creation of tools that check Grammar.

Grammar is a set of laws that govern language and is therefore the fundamental on which the language is based. Shortcomings in following these laws can end up in tremendous blunders that can be as bad as dropping the richness and value of a sentence to as worse as ending up changing the entire meaning or comprehension of the sentence. This is why it is crucial that Grammar is respected specially in written content and specially by students whose merit points in the field of academics largely depend on it.

However, Grammar does not extend only to the gross details of the language and goes deep into the delicate and fine details which are liable to be overlooked by a human writer as well as a human reader due to the good old “Human Error” problem so to tackle this, IT specialists have developed tools to ease the lives of the students in perfecting the grammar in their content, be it home assignment, report of research work.

Grammar Checking software work by analyzing the texts of a sentence and then compares each word in context to the sentence with a built in dictionary and then displays the errors and/or additionally restructures the sentence in a correct way and due to absolute precision, Grammar checkers are considered better alternative to manual human checkers.


Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism refers to intended or unintended copying of someone else’s work and presenting it as one’s own. It generally may sound harmless but is a serious crime, misdemeanor and is considered universally as the theft of intellectual property.

In an academic spectrum, it can cost a student their research and otherwise could count as a demerit and can harm one’s academic career. Its consequences deter informed people to plagiarize someone’s work with intent (well, mostly). However, unintended plagiarism is an entirely different story and is also one of the two that is more probable.

Unintended plagiarism could be hard to detect by students before they submit their assignment, report or research due to the complexity of information that is available to one from different sources and layers of channels so it becomes extremely hard for a student to weed out supposed elements of plagiarism in their work manually due to the sheer complexity of sources, indirect channels of information and the fact that the information is diverse. This is what has made online plagiarism checker one of the most popular tools among students as it is fast, efficient and accurate.

It works by comparing the content of a student to the vast range of data available over the web to look for plagiarized elements sentence by sentence and then detecting and/or additionally eliminating the plagiarized content from a student’s work.


Paraphrasing Tool by

Paraphrasing refers to altering or restructuring of words and sentences in certain content while preserving its semantics. This method is usually employed to avoid plagiarism in academia and students often require paraphrasing during research writing, report writing and assignments to paraphrase chunks of their work if they have been adopted from a previous work whose original source could not be known or that which is indirectly channeled over the web or in hard literary work. This is used to avoid any potential plagiarism that can cost a student their academic career or their research.

However, Paraphrasing entire paragraphs upon paragraphs could prove hard because the process requires extremely rich vocabulary and vast understanding of the language in which a student has written their work and a student might be an expert in their relevant field but not necessarily in the language that they use to communicate about it. On the other hand, it’s also time consuming and a very hectic process which requires dedicated hours that a student may just not be able to afford.

IT solutions as usual are here to save the day, Expert system software now exist for paraphrasing that can be googled with a simple google search with keywords “Paraphrasing Tool,” that have been designed to make it easier and time efficient for students to paraphrase and unsurprisingly, since its inception, it has become one of the most popular online utility tools among students.

Paraphrasing tools work by analyzing the input (written content by a student) and then looking up for alternative synonyms and sentences with intact context and semantics through built in software dictionaries with a vast collection of synonyms.

Instead of dedicated hours a student could spend paraphrasing his content manually, the online paraphrasing tools make it happen at lightning speeds, restructuring and rebuilding entire paragraphs from scratch while keeping the semantics or the essence of what the paragraph conveys, intact.

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