Top 5 Online Survey Tools

“The market research’s still pending. We haven’t even come up with a proper framework. It’s already late for the launch!”

We hear you! You might want to know more about surveys, survey tools, and probably online survey tools too!

Let’s start with surveys. Surveys involve a list of questions intended to collect specific data or information from a target audience. A survey tool is what helps someone collect this data, analyze and then derive insights from it.

Survey tools can be both offline and online. Offline surveys are conducted through an offline device like a kiosk or even a smartphone without the presence of internet. Seems fancy, ain’t it? Well, we have more!

But what are online survey tools?

Online survey tools help you with any form of data collection, be it gathering customer feedback, conducting employee engagement surveys, launching market research projects, or even collecting valuable product feedback. In simple terms, the best online survey tools help you get the wheels rolling on your individual or business projects involving feedback collection.

Now is the time to meet some of the top online survey tools in the market!

Here’s our favorite list of the best online survey creators:

1. SurveySparrow

This free online survey maker lets you transform boring surveys into pleasant and engaging conversations. If you’re on the lookout for surveys that provide a chat-like experience for your audience, then this online survey software is your right choice. On to some of the features offered by this platform:

In short, SurveySparrow with its conversational user interface and superior in-built features helps businesses refine their customer and employee experiences.

2. Typeform

Typeform lets users create their own surveys. Its unique interface displays one question at a time. A look at some of the features that this platform offers:

To sum it up, Typeform offers its users basic reporting features and runs smoothly on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

3. Qualaroo

Qualaroo helps users ask the right questions to the right audience. Let’s jump right on to the features of this online survey tool.

With its features, this survey platform helps its users improve their customer experience.

4. Qualtrics

As an online survey app, Qualtrics goes beyond the limitations of any traditional survey. A look at the features of this powerful tool.

This survey tool comes of good use to businesses to collect feedback across various channels, hence providing insight into brand awareness and consumer preferences.

5. Google Forms

Google Forms is a free survey tool that helps users create surveys easily and quickly. Let’s take a look at the features of this survey software.

Drag and drop interface which provides high convenience.

The tool offers customizable survey designs

Like other online survey applications, Google Forms also provides real-time response data supported by charts and graphs.

The platform allows you to sync the collected data to other Google applications.

It lets you collect data in a spreadsheet format and then facilitates analysis through Google Sheets.

Ability to format email addresses and subsequently get suitable questions. This is possible due to the data validation rules of the platform.

You can transform this survey software into an online quiz maker, which can be used for educational purposes.

As free software, Google Forms helps users create surveys and questionnaires pretty quickly, even without delving into the platform much. The ability to sync data is also desired.

Online survey tools – A savior to those struggling with feedback collection

In a rapidly changing world like this, collecting and storing information is becoming increasingly difficult. Information becomes valuable as decisions are based on it. Online survey tools help everyone from students to researchers to CEOs. By helping with efficient and quick data collection, analysis, comparison, and decision-making, online survey applications act as an unbiased guide to all. It’s true what they say. Survey tools are a true blessing!

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