Use These Seedboxes for Torrenting Files Safely Without Any Risks

Without a doubt, torrents are one of the best ways to download both large and small files easily. Depending on the torrent, you can download large files at high download speed. However, there is always risk involved with anything which seems too good. You might end up downloading malware and viruses with these torrents which will make your device vulnerable to hackers and malware attacks, legal issues if downloaded data is copyrighted, and your right to privacy might be at risk too.

So, is there a safe way to torrent files without any risks? Yep! There sure is.

A Seedbox will help you to download torrent files safely. Seedbox allows you to stay anonymous while torrenting and downloading files. When torrenting normally you reveal your IP address which causes privacy-related concerns. With a seedbox, your IP address also stays safe.

Tech Nerds can avoid this part, but, those who wanna want to know what a seedbox is may read it.

What is a Seedbox?

Seedbox is a Virtual Private Server (VPS) which is used to download files with its integrated BitTorrent software. With their integrated VPNs your IP address will always stay safe and hidden and maintain your anonymity. Though it’s not just meant for torrents only, these dedicated servers come with large bandwidths allowing you to download and upload files very fast

Normally, you would receive Torrent, FTP(S) & Web Access. High-cost plans will give you full root access to the server.  With a seedbox, you will be accessing a computer virtually which will have a very high-speed internet connection. These seedboxes may have a connection speed up to 10+ GBPS.  You can use this computer to download your torrents or any other files you would like to download or upload files and torrents as well at high-speed internet.

After the files are downloaded on the Seedbox, you will need to get them into your computer via simple FPT or HTTP download. You won’t have to go through the long process of downloading slow torrents. With a Seedbox, you can do that safely and easily.

If you are confused about which Seedbox service you should get, we have our best seedbox recommendation in the end.

Why you need a seedbox?

Piracy is a big issue and is banned in almost all countries and laws regarding it are getting stricter with time. Torrenting is one of the main means of sharing pirated movies, games, software and many more. Some Governments have even banned torrent search engines as well.

As long as you are torrenting files that are legal to do so, you are safe. On the contrary, torrents are one of the most popular ways of pirating movies and games. We don’t encourage this behavior but for the sake of information and only. If you are torrenting files that aren’t supposed to be done, then, you are at risk.

Your IP address will be vulnerable and visible to anyone who wants to see it including hackers and the Government. Nowadays, cases of creators against those using pirated software are growing and if you are caught you might face legal issues. So, why take so much risk for just watching a movie or using software for one time? Get a seedbox and save yourself from all these troubles.

Seedbox will make it harder to track your position due to its integrated VPN. The IP address which they will find will be a public address belonging to the seedbox servers. There is always going to be some risk no matter how safe you go but using a seedbox is one of the safest ways to stay safe while torrenting.

Benefits of using Seedbox

Seedboxes are packed with useful features giving you an amazing experience and maintains your security while using it.

There are other benefits too like you can boost your upload ratios by letting your virtual PC seed all day and night and switch your computer off. You can use seedbox in other ways which you will explore and find as you keep using it. Best Seedbox service you can choose

There are many seedbox service providers available online. With so many options available, it gets tough to decide on getting a seedbox costs some nice money.

Let us help you with this by giving you some of our recommendations. We bring you some of the best seedbox providers which have affordable beginner plans. is on top of our recommendation list because of their affordable packages and yet amazing features. Even their affordable offers provide you with 1500 GB HDD storage and 2 GB RAM while the costlier ones can go up to 5000 GB HDD and 5 GB RAM.

Their packages support many apps that can be installed with just a click from the client dashboard. You get support for all packages you need for torrenting.  Except for the starter packages, the others also contain Plex support for streaming videos directly at high quality. You also get good support from the other side.

FTP is reportedly slow but is doable considering their other features it’s still great. Also, no public trackers can be used. 

Next, we have Dedi Seedbox which is another great affordable seedbox with plans starting from $12. It’s also quite popular when it comes to seedboxes. They maintain good upload and download speed even on their cheap plans. You can get up to 10GB/s.

It comes with the fast OpenVPN which helps in keeping you and your connection anonymous. One of the things I liked about Dedi is that they provide Plex support even on their cheap plans.

Dedi Seedbox falls short on their customer support. They may feel rude when you are facing any problem or having any queries. Overall, it’s one of the cheapest and good seedbox service you can get. is one of the best and fastest seedbox services you can get online. They offer you packages with storage between 300 GB to up to 4 TB. There are budget-friendly plans for beginners and costly plans for professionals as well.

You don’t get the Plex compatibility but that’s understandable because of their pricing. Also, customer support is email only so you can’t get them over a phone call but they will help you anyways.

You will get a mindblowing experience after checking their speed while downloading even on their cheapest plan. But there can be bandwidth limitations. The servers are reliable overall so this is also worth recommending.

Final Words

Investing in a seedbox is worth every penny if you do a lot of torrenting and care about your privacy and safety on the internet. We have mentioned some of the best affordable seedbox providers. But, even the professionals can use it since they have premium plans as well.

Stay safe while torrenting.

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