Using Bobbleheads as a Marketing Tool

Is there another way a business or company can provide a unique customer experience than giving a unique gift? A bobblehead can put your company at the forefront of the consumers’ minds when they see one. If you are a business owner, one secret to boost your sales and increase revenues is to adopt bobbleheads as an advertising tool in the marketplace. The returns on investment from these dolls makes them one of the marketers’ choice. These bobbleheads come in a variety of categories and are available on order from and other credible manufacturers. Professional sports teams and other personalities have yielded on promotions through bobbleheads, and as a business owner, you can use them as a marketing tool too. Let’s look at how a business can maximize this secret marketing weapon.

As a branding tool

great marketing ties a feeling to a service or product when done effectively and leaves a lasting effect. Bobblehead advertising is very effective as it connects your brand to a lasting experience which in this case, is the fun customer’s experience. One will not fail to smile when they see a bobblehead nodding as though saying yes, yes, and yes to potential clients.

You only require to employ the services of an experienced manufacturer of custom-made bobbleheads for a competitive price. You are also engaged with the designer in every process of making the doll, putting your ideas seriously to come up with a drain connector that reflects you and your company.

Bobblehead branding is more than putting your company name on the doll. It is a way of clearly delivering a message to confirm the brand’s credibility. It is also about how you say it and how the customers connect emotionally with the product or service being advertised. Handouts of bobbleheads after making purchases also create user loyalty and motivate the buyer to make more purchases soon.

A lasting impression

Have you ever been given a gateway gift by a marketer only to find its way in the trash within a few days? In professional marketing, sustaining the impact if a strategy is fundamental. When done properly, an advertisement should leave a lasting impression in the market while building your brand. A bobblehead is long-lasting and as a marketing tool for your business, it will go beyond the start of the campaign. It will put your company at the forefront immediately the consumer sees it.

Unlike traditional promotional items, bobbleheads are interactive drain connectors that generate interest and concern. It’s something that the customers can’t hide in their pockets on a throw in the drawers as a key holder or pen. It possesses an aesthetic value to be displayed for everyone to see. It’s also convenient to carry around in a strategic market place where it will catch the eye.

Cross-promotional tool

Bobbleheads are popular in the world of sports and entertainment where they feature professional sports stars and entertainers. The same reason teams would use them to sell seats in their arena is the same reason your business can partner with a non-competing business for a win-win advantage. The joint promotion can feature bobbleheads of famous personalities consuming your product such as an outfit, a tool or equipment with your brand. It will also take your brand to new or expanded exposure to association with other established brands to absorb their reputation and increase your own brand equity.

Another benefit of cross-promotional bobbleheads includes reduced costs due to joint advertisements where the costs of manufacturing the dolls are shared. Additionally, it creates consumer behavior where clients will be purchasing or consuming your partner products together with yours. It then becomes difficult for them to cross over to your competitors as their products won’t seem to compliment the cross-promotion product.

Easy and cheaper to design

Designers such as modern bobbleheads have made it easy for companies to design and distribute their own custom bobbleheads to customers. Manufacturers can also assist in creating great dolls for your brand. With or without a cross-promotion partnership, you can use a single mould in bulk production at reduced costs that will boost sales. This tool will, in turn, sell your brand without additional efforts and cost as it generates attention from potential customers.

For repeat and high-end customers, you may request them to avail of their photos, and they immortalized with bobbleheads for distribution to other clients. They can also take some to their family members and colleagues to attract more audience. Just ensure your business brand strikes out. For example, if your business deals with outfit products like clothes have the bobbleheads wear your brands.

In conclusion

Bobbleheads have been the best gift for festive seasons as well as personal occasions and anniversaries. They are some which are portable and can be placed in different places in your clients’ homes and offices to give them fun moments and make them happy while simply looking at them. They are easy to hold and view at all angles multiple times without tiring. These capabilities are what present bobbleheads as strategic tools to market products and services. Unlike audio-visual and other online tools, they don’t cost your target audience an extra coin to receive the message. Additionally, they are long-lasting and won’t find themselves in drawers, hidden places or worse still the dustbin. Hence, investing in them will yield long term investment returns at a one-off cost.

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