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Using Instagram Proxies and Social Media Automation Tools


As Instagram continues to become a more popular platform for advertising business, brands are making leaps and bounds to stand out from their competition and increase their overall presence on social media.

Automation tools are one of the methods that allow you to excel in the social media game, especially if you are looking to boost your brand with multiple accounts at the same time.

There are a variety of choices when it comes to automation tools. Some are free, while others require payment. It comes down to what your needs and budget are.

Of course, if you are going to run multiple accounts simultaneously, having just automation tools are not going to cut it.

Instagram proxies also come in the equation, and since you will need them to have a successful operation, check out this Proxyway article that covers the best available options.

Defining Social Media Tools

The most significant advantage of social media automation tools is the fact that you can schedule your posts in advance. There are a lot of variables that go into creating the most efficient social media campaign. And one of them is the time frame of when you should post.

Scheduling Instagram posts will prevent you from needing to get up in the middle of the night to publish content. It might be that a big chunk of your audience is in another time zone. Moreover, posting multiple posts throughout the day to cover as much also becomes a possibility by implementing scheduling tools.

Defining Instagram Proxies

Proxies allow you to create a network to run different accounts on the same social media platform. In this case, Instagram has an algorithm that detects accounts that were created on the same IP and deletes them when these accounts exceed a certain number.

You may be good to go with a few accounts, but as your network scales, using proxies becomes more or less inevitable. Each account can be registered on a different IP address. Taking this precaution will ensure that you do not have to worry about getting bans on your profiles.

Time to Use Social Media Tools

Automation tools for Instagram have other benefits besides allowing you to schedule posts in advance. Some would argue that there is no need to rely on tools like this if you are running a single account and have no intention of expanding in the future.

But even individuals can get ahead, especially if there are tools available for free. Scheduling content ahead leaves you with more time on your hands. And that time can be used to improve your social media strategy further.

You can spend more on engaging with the content by responding to the audience, looking for new channels to spread your brand, and analyze insights to get a better understanding of what your current position in the industry is at the moment.

Finally, some tools come with features that allow you to automatically follow, like, and unfollow other profiles, as well as repost content that was already published.

Time to Use Instagram Proxies

Like already mentioned, you are going to need proxies the moment your Instagram profile network starts to grow. Attempts to register every account on the same IP are futile as those will get deleted pretty much the moment you log in them.

Certain countries have Instagram blocked. You may find yourself in a country like that as well. Sure, there are other alternatives like a virtual private network, but having a lot of different Instagram accounts means that you will need to use proxies regardless.

Some entrepreneurs like to hire social media managers who run the network. Once again, if the person you hire cannot access Instagram from his or her current location, you will have to provide them with a list of reliable proxies.

Reasons to Create Multiple Accounts on Instagram

A number of people might be wondering why someone would bother to create more than one account for their business. Well, there are a few reasons for that:

  • Local insights. If you are targeting multiple locations, you will need to gather information about each of them and determine how different communities engage with your content.
  • Better overall engagement. You get to target more users by having location-specific profiles. Brand awareness plays an important role in determining the success of a business. The more people know about you, the more you stand to gain.
  • Creating interest. Now some would argue that fake engagement is not a good thing as you are only inflating the numbers of comments or likes. But when a business is starting, having positive feedback from any source is a good thing. Leaving appreciating comments from the accounts you have will attract more attention from real people. That will help the business to lift off and stand out from the rest.



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