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Virtual Currency International (VCI) Review: Everything You Need to Know About

Virtual Currency International

Founded in January 2018, Virtual Currency International is an initiative of Network Planet Ltd. It is an independent affiliate network offering worldwide clients training and impressive ROI in Forex, commodities, and cryptocurrency trading.

VCI International organizes training workshops and events to help both beginner and advanced traders to achieve their financial goals. They have a hybrid package that trains you in Forex trading, cryptocurrency, futures, and commodity trading.

Company Overview

Virtual Currency International was founded in 2018 by Eugen Rosenmeier and Vladimir Galabov as an initiative of Network Planet Ltd.

The two founders have over 15 years of experience in cryptocurrency and other programs that provide clients with high ROIs and trading experience. Some of the companies they have worked with previously include GainBitcoin, CryptoGold, Cryp Trade Capital, FortAdPlays, and My Paying Crypto Ads just to mention a few.

It is therefore apparent that the two founders of VCI International are not just experienced in the industry but also have a passion for cryptocurrency trading. Keep in mind that crypto is one of the most profitable niches at the moment. Virtual Currency International is a licensed company listed as Network Planet Ltd and has two locations, in Germany and Bulgaria.

VCI Products

So, what products does VCI offer? One thing you’ll need to understand about VCI International is the fact that it is not an MLM company with a retail product to offer its clients.

You can simply join VCI by making a simple investment to start trading on their platform. The company promises investors the potential to generate daily returns of 1.5 percent.

How Does VCI Work?

This Virtual Currency International review would be incomplete without mentioning how their compensation plan works. In other words, how can you make money with VCI?

There are basically two ways to earn from the opportunity VCI offers. You can make money through ROI commissions and from referral commissions.

Earn from ROI Commissions

To earn from VCI’s ROI commissions, you’ll first need to invest in Bitcoin. The company provides you with 4 types of investment packs that provide good ROI.

These 4 types of investment packs are:

Each of the packs gives you different ways to earn a good ROI from your investment. VCI even provides training and guidelines on how to choose the best pack that suits your trading needs and level of experience.

Earn from Referral Commissions

Virtual Currency International also gives you another option of earning commissions through their referral program. All you need to do is to refer users to the company and once they sign up and start trading, you’ll start earning commissions through multiple layers of referrals on your team.

The higher your rank in the referral program the higher your commissions and the more money you’ll make from the compensation plan.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Virtual Currency International?

VCI has a membership model that is structured for every type of investor. It is also quite affordable. The minimum cost of joining VCI is just $9 for membership.

You’ll also need to deposit $18 as your initial investment. If you wish to invest more, you have the option of investing to a maximum of $240,000. Deposits and withdrawals are done in Bitcoin only. They don’t accept FIAT currency.

Bottom Line

So, is Virtual Currency International a legit investment option? In my experience and research, Virtual Currency International is not just a legit company but an opportunity to learn and earn from your Forex, cryptocurrency, futures, and commodity trading efforts.

They provide you with several ways of making a good income from different types of trade. You even have the option to copy what other successful traders are doing and boost your ROI.

The company is also run by a team of professionals who have over 15 years of experience in 7 different sectors of the industry.

VCI is a business where traders have access to learning materials about different types of money markets and an opportunity to make a daily return of 1.5 percent or more. It is definitely worth joining.