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Want to Sell Your Laptop: 5 Important Things to Do

Sell Your Laptop

While selling your laptop, it becomes essential to keep a tab upon the safety and security of the data. If you don’t want to end up losing your confidential data, it is always preferred to follow certain steps before you sell your laptop. Though the steps might seem very hands-on, yet most people end up messing them.

In this article, we shall come across the 5 steps everyone should keep in mind while selling their laptop.

5 Steps to Follow Before You Sell Your Laptop

Ensure that you remove all the personal and confidential information from your laptop. If you are using an HDD in which the TRIM command is disabled, the deleted data can be recovered. In such cases, you must overwrite the data which is present on the hard drive. Overwriting the data on the hard drive is also referred to as wiping the data. This way, your data is no more recoverable.

Since the issues of cracking of the software have increased, the trend has been arrested by making users purchase licensed products. While ensuring that you buy the best product, it is always given a registration key. While you sell off your laptop, ensure that the products are erased and the authorization of the products are transferred to your new laptop. Make a list of all the programs that need to be carried to your new system.

This can be the deal-breaker for most of the buyers. If you are looking for selling your old laptop, ensure that all the information about the laptop is shared clearly. Information related to the model number, OS, RAM details is to be shared accordingly. You can know the details about your system from system properties in the My Computer option and list them, accordingly.

This is only possible if you decide to wipe your hard drive clean. There are many software which you can download for this purpose. Rather, this is regarded as the most important step before selling your system. This ensures that no data can be retrieved once the laptop is being sold off. The overwriting of the disk takes place multiple times, by wiping your disk. This, in turn, ensures that your old data gets lost, forever.

After you are done with the above steps, the last thing is to get the laptop back to normal. You need to download the OS back in your system. This shall make the laptop ready to be sold to the new customer. The default factory settings of the laptop ensure that it gets sold off, without any worries, whatsoever.

Selling your old laptop can be a hectic task. Yet, it can be the most rewarding step, for some quick cash. Just ensure that there is no data leak possible before selling the laptop. If you are wondering as to where to sell used laptop, we might let you know that chose a reputed platform that gives protection to the seller as well. Having the best payment gateway as a seller is the best thing every seller must look into.