Website Design – Best Practices to Increase Conversions

Every business that has its operations based online depends heavily on first impressions. In fact, numerous experts have claimed that website design and appearance play a significant role in making or breaking a business. More than 90% of customers use a website’s design to create an impression about the company at large. Therefore, no matter how good your content can be, it will be ineffectual if you do not present it in the right way to your audience.

Good website design is essential in the process of converting visitors to leads and leads into customers. What are the best web design practices that will get this done for you? Below are some of the most effective ones for you to try:

Have a user-friendly website

This is one of the most important web design practices that you have to adopt. When developing a website, you must make sure it is conspicuous, consistent, has good navigation, and is easily accessible to the audience. For example, icons representing the “add to cart,” user profiles, the homepage, and the wish list should be easily noticeable plug-ins on the website.

Remember, depending on the type of products or services you offer to customers, your website will be visited by a variety of people, some who may have not interacted with many websites in the past. Therefore, while optimizing your site, it must be structured in a way that even such people can navigate through it, get the information they require, and place orders without complication.

At the end of it all, your website should be simple for users to use and for them to notice the parts that you aim to draw their attention towards.

Inclusion of Human Faces

This is a way to increase conversion rate through empathy.


It will awaken emotion amongst site visitors, thus helping them connect better with the website. For example, you can use faces that portray emotions that you want the customers to experience themselves such as happiness and content. Through this, you might influence them to take the extra step and place an order or take action on the offers presented on your site.

Another direction can be if you choose to include a few images of past customers who have expressed and shown satisfaction by your products and services. This will add a realistic perspective to customers, showing them that your brand and services are trustworthy and efficient.

Quality, quality, quality

This cannot be stressed enough! The quality of content and media on your websites should be top-notch. This makes a statement about the type of company or organization that you are.

Let’s take, for example, the images. Every e-commerce website is characterized by tons of photos used to depict the type of products on sale as well as to add to the aesthetic value of your site. However, it is important to be aware of the selection of these images. Do not include random, blurry, low-quality photos. Every image you include in your website needs to be of high quality, unique, and strategically placed to serve its purpose.

Another mistake that most web designers make is choosing quantity over quality. This should not be the case; a larger number of images on your website doesn’t necessarily correlate with better website design and customer reach. Every image on the website should be adding value and providing important information about your brand or products. Do not include too many photos that describe the same product. Let every image deliver the right punch to satisfy users and lure them into buying your products.

Do not include too many “Calls to Action”

Although the main aim of your website is to promote your business by getting customers to buy your stuff, you should also consider the analysis paralysis. Linked with Hick’s Law, the analysis paralysis states that the more options you give people to choose from, the longer it will take them to make a decision. Based on this, one can assume that if a business gives its audience a high number of calls to action, it might make it more challenging for them to make a decision regarding their next step of engagement, potentially leading them to the point of giving up.

Therefore, your website should have the least amount of call to actions possible. Do not make the mistake of including a call to action for every product or service displayed throughout your website. The best way to approach this is by coming up with a few critical calls to action, most preferably presented in different forms.

Incorporating the Live Chat Option

This is another ultimate sales hack. The live chat option provides your customers and visitors with a proper platform through which to ask any questions they might have concerning your products and services, thus providing them with information that will help convince them to buy from you with less difficulty.


A good website design will lead to higher conversion rates. By creating a website that appeals to your relevant clients, you will retain their attention for the duration of their online shopping which in turn will lead to a rise in order placing.

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