What are the advantages of vue.js over react/angular

Are you new to the different javascript frameworks that are used in developing?

Do you want to know the secret behind the rising growth of https://vuejs.org/?

Let’s start with the basics; vue.js is the JavaScript framework employed to build user interfaces. While the react is a declarative JavaScript library. In addition to that, angular is one framework for desktop as well as mobiles. To get more information about vue.js frameworks, you can check out https://brights.io/web-development/vuejs. Web development has grown to become a crucial element of today’s business operation, which is why it’s advisable to pay heed to such aspects.

Make sure you get along with a reliable web development agency when you’re scouring the ways to secure a successful business. You can read this article to know why some people prefer vue over react or angular.

Easy to understand

Employers love vue.js owing to its accessibility. People generally hire interns because they are ready to put in efforts at a lower pay scale. However, in this perpetually moving world, no one is ready to take out time and train someone else.

In this case, vue sweeps in to save your time, efforts, and money. All you need to have is the knowledge and experience of using HTML. This makes the learning curve of vue.js much steeper than others. So, you must first assess your requirements before deciding on the type of system you need to proceed with. This will ensure that your invested amount gets the expected returns.

Package size

The react can size up to approximately 109.7 and 774.7 KB in production and development, respectively. If you talk about angular production and development, it can be around 167 KB and 1.2 MB.

However, the production size of the vue.js is 30.67 KB, along with the development size of 279 KB. This quality makes it easier to download and operate it. This leads to the fast processing of the data.


In the world of the internet world, HTML and CSS knowledge are equal to learning how to walk. It’s a bare minimum required skill that you need to cultivate if you wish to survive and rise above your competition.

The templates that are used in HTML can work for vue as well. This can be handy to reap the full benefits of reactive features of vue by migrating applications. Moreover, vue.js is being supported by a wide range of CSS-in-JavaScript libraries. It’s also known for having a touch of familiarity in the style tags.


Having a small size can be associated with multiple bonuses; speed happens to be one of them. Vue has earned a lot of stars because of its better runtime performance. This, in turn, proves to be favorable for enhanced optimization.

Moreover, instead of relying on the dirty checking, it focuses on the transparent dependency tracking observation technique. Lest they have explicitly dependent relationships, it can automatically trigger changes. Vue.js can be your best when speed is of paramount importance and you want your web development project to excel at this front.


Some people require a proper structure and an already prepared pattern. However, it’s not applicable for all the projects. You might need something that lets you control your work’s direction while helping you out if you get stuck.

Your one-stop solution, in this case, is vue.js. Due to its extremely adaptable nature, it can bind all the tools together for effortless functioning. So, now you don’t have to waste time in detangling the complicated configurations. This means that vue.js comes out to be the flexible web development model that you’ve been waiting for to incorporate in your site.


All in all, it becomes clear that your choice of web development architecture has a significant say in determining what your website is going to be like. So, you must be mindful of selecting the one that aligns perfectly with your requirements. A renowned web development agency will further assist you in clearing all the underlying doubts so that you can take the plunge.

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