What is The Best Way to Change Your TikTok Username?

How you name yourself may as well be the most significant aspect of you TikTok account. It’s simple: you select a name when you register on the application, and that name will reflect your brand while you develop on the app. That being said, there are moments when you simply dislike the name you have picked for your profile. That is perfectly normal, and many people outgrow the names and identities we choose in the beginning and then want to change them into something new, something that identifies with you more than ever in the present moment. Fortunately, thanks to the application’s instinctive nature, modifying your TikTok username is not only feasible, but also extremely easy. This is how you can change the name of your TikTok profile. We built a profile to show you exactly what to do step by step and it is a piece of cake.


Click on the “Me” tab

In the bottom right corner of the screen, click on “Me.”

You will have to go to TikTok’s “Me” tab first. This is illustrated by a little head and shoulders icon. You will be redirected to an account window that includes your info, name, and number of followers, along with many other details if you click on this button.






Select “Edit profile”

After going into the “Me” tab you should click on “Edit Profile.”

Then look for a big button that says “Edit profile” below your account’s general information. When you press on that, you will be brought to a new screen with a variety of choices. Your name, username, profile picture or video, and different statistics such as your bio should all be visible.







Please enter your username 

To change your profile’s name, click or tap on “Name”.

The only thing you have to do is tap in your username on the current page. You will be presented with a text box where you will be able to enter a fresh new name for your profile. Solely letters, numbers, periods, and underscores are permitted in usernames. Special characters like question marks or asterisks are not permitted.

That is all there is to it for changing your TikTok profile’s name. It is definitely that easy, plus there is no restriction on how often you can do these changes. If you don’t like the new name you have chosen it is quite easy to modify it. Keep in mind to follow TikTok’s instructions when picking a username. Do not choose a name that is insulting or disrespectful, as you will almost certainly be blocked or reprimanded but the platform.

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What are the benefits of changing your TikTok username?

You may want to update your TikTok username for a variety of reasons. As previously said, people’s preferences evolve over time, and you can believe your previous username is embarrassing or weird, or that it no longer represents you. That is the reason why picking out a new username is that simple. TikTok understands that you will want to try different things and create this fresh persona.

You may also wish to update your profile’s name to improve your visibility on search engines and other social media. If you are a TikTok celebrity, you have to be instantly recognizable. Your image must represent who you are, while also being able to draw in other businesses and TikTokers who wish to collaborate with you. Ordinarily, your profile’s name is a big piece of that, so make certain it is short and easy to remember. 

What do you want your TikTok username to be?

We cannot make come up with a username for you, only you know what precisely it is what you want to say on TikTok, so make sure to represent your beliefs. We may, however, alert you about a couple of popular blunders to stay away from. After entering your name, avoid adding an exhaustive sequence of numbers. TikTok frequently advises you to do so it can even change your existing profile name to anything with multiple numbers at the end. Sadly, this reduces your exposure and makes it trickier to recognize your name. If you are trying to come up with an original username but cannot quite find one, just tap in a word that represents you and your brand.

For instance, assume you are a pianist. If you do not want to be known as “smithemilia”, try “emilia.piano.girl” , “emiliathepianist”, or something of the type. This kind of username is way more creative, interesting, and noticeable than a series of numbers, and it will also allow to convey who you are momentarily.

This concludes our tutorial on how to change your TikTok username. Considering how difficult changing your profile name is on other social media platforms, on TikTok changing your image and style could not be any easier! In our opinion, it’s fantastic that TikTok has allowed changing your profile’s name so simple; who hasn’t had a more embarrassing username in their life? What name are you going to pick now that you know how to do it? Are you considering making a change?

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