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What is VPN? Why you Need VPN When you Download Torrents

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A popular file-sharing protocol that is based on P2P technology is torrenting. It enables users to connect as well as share the content without relying on a single source for download. But, most of the files on torrent sites are under copyright and if you download the any file like game or book from torrent, then is considered as breaking the law. It is recommended to use a torrent VPN. If you are thinking that what is VPN and how torrent VPN is useful in torrenting then you should go ahead and read the full article.

 Here we have described Torrent VPN and how to choose the right VPN for torrenting.

 What is a VPN?

A virtual private network is mainly used for making a secure connection between the computers or other devices so that they can make use of the internet without exposing their real identity, It is used to get access to restricted websites and shield your browsing activity from the third party.

VPN is used to connect your PC, tablet, or smartphone to other computer on the internet and allows you to surf the internet using the internet service of that computer. Thus, If that server is belonging to a different country, then you will appear to belong to that country, and you can access things that you are normally not able to access.

Benefits of using VPN are as follows –

Using VPN, you can bypass the geographic restrictions on the sites, streaming video, or audio. Also, VPN protects you from snooping on the WiFi hotspots that are not trustworthy. At the time of using a VPN, you remain anonymous, and you are prevented from being logged when torrenting.

Why is it important to remain anonymous when torrenting?

Torrenting is not considered illegal. However, there are few aspects that can lead downloading Torrents to end up as illegal. For instance, it is an offense to download copyrighted material, and accessing a file on a site that is illegal is also an offense.

The problem is the inability to distinguish between what is legal as well as an illegal torrent. In most cases, people and up downloading torrent which is illegal. Sometimes the legal crew of entertainment shakes hand with the communities to catch the person sharing files. Since this peer-to-peer network monitors your constant activity does your IP address serves as a dead giveaway for the torrenting activities you do. If you don’t want to land into the hot soup, then you should carry out torrenting anonymously.

There are many internet users who are unaware of the fact that they are involved in intellectual property theft. Using a torrent VPN will help you use the services anonymously and protect you from involving in the intellectual property or revealing your IP address.

Why you need it torrent VPN?

Virtual private network or VPN is not only of interest to the tech geeks, corporate entities, or privacy-conscious folk, but it is also of interest to the common internet users. Users who wish to remain safe and secure on the internet use Best VPN.

While torrenting if you use VPN, then it will safeguard you two ways-

Hide your IP Address-

When you do P2P torrenting, anyone who is downloading the file will be displayed on the list along with the other people who do the same; this list is visible to everyone. Your IP address will be easy to monitor, and it will leave your Identity exposed to the world; thus, those users who are unable to enjoy torrenting because of this issue can use VPN.

What the VPN does is that it redirects the internet traffic of the users via one of its server locations, this changes users original IP address. VPN offers a layer of protection and anonymity to users and prevents them from being tracked.

Encode your traffic-

When you use torrent VPN, your internet service provider is unable to monitor at what are the things you are downloading. This is because the VPN server encrypts all the traffic routed from your device.

Any organization or ISP looking for illegal downloaders or activities will not be able to see the encrypted data. But when a user is making use of torrent VPN, the only thing trolls for ISP are able to see is the address of VPN service provider. They are not able to distinguish source and so your internet traffic remains hidden. Also they are not able to find out what contents you have downloaded.

What features should be present in torrent VPN?

It is important for you to understand that not every VPN service provider offers you protection from torrenting. Some VPN does not support p2p torrent traffic. Thus, VPN providers that allow the user should only use p2p sharing.

Sometimes you leave the device while something is downloading on it. It may happen that you are VPN connection is lost without your knowledge, and this results in exposing your IP address. To avoid such problems, you must always opt out VPN service that has an internet kill switch. It will shut down all your internet traffic if you’re VPN fails.

If you make use of a VPN that does not offer killswitch, then and it will leave your IP address exposed to the internet service provider, and they will be able to monitor what you are torrenting. There are many features that you must look for when you to choose a VPN service provider.

Thus, when you have torrent VPN with the above features, then you will be able to download files, movies, books, and other media from the internet without exposing your IP address to the preying eyes. Without any headache or privacy issues, you will be able to enjoy torrenting when you have a VPN.

When you are Identity remains hidden, then internet service providers or DMCA will not be able to block you or take any actions against you no matter what context you download from the sites. You can collect the data anonymously from any source, which is the dream of every person. This is the way that you can have the torrent VPN which is available with different features and working strategy.



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