What to do if you Witness a Motorcycle Accident

What to do if you Witness a Motorcycle Accident

motorcycle accidents are very common along texas highways. if you spend a lot of time on the road, you may end up witnessing a serious motorcycle accident. there are a few things to keep in mind if you happen to see one of the accidents take place. by following these steps, you can help keep the victim and others in the area safe.

what you should and should not do if you see a motorcycle accident

there are a few things to keep in mind if you happen to witness a serious accident on the road. you could be asked to provide a statement to a motorcycle injury lawyer if the victim decides to file a claim. here are a few more tips that accident witnesses should keep in mind.

do make sure you are in a safe location

following any type of accident on the road, there could be debris and broken glass scattered around everywhere. therefore, it is best to keep your distance. if you need to pull over to the side, be sure that your vehicle is completely out of the road so that unsuspecting traffic will not hit you, causing another accident to occur.

don’t feel like you must stop at the scene

texas law does not require you to stop at the scene of an accident. however, there are many people who feel like they should stop and offer assistance. unless you are a medical professional, it is best to stay back and wait for help to arrive.

do call 9-1-1

you can help out accident victims by calling 9-1-1 for them. even if you don’t know the severity of the damages, it is still a good idea to get in touch with the police so they can file a report. provide the authorities with as much information as possible including the location of the crash and the nature of the accident.

don’t rush over to the scene

your assistance may be helpful but be sure to not put yourself or others in danger by doing so. if someone is seriously injured, you should wait for emts to arrive on the scene. individuals who do not have medical training could end up making the situation worse by assisting the victim.

do offer basic assistance

you can still help out even if you can’t provide medical care. offering to call relatives for them or provide a pen and paper to someone who needs to write down insurance information can be a great help during this difficult time.

do not offer medical assistance unless certified to do so

you should not offer any type of medical assistance unless you are certified to do so. it can be difficult to stand by and do nothing but calling 9-1-1 will alert the emts and they will be on the scene within minutes to help.

do you know someone who was injured in an accident?

if you know someone who was recently injured in a motorcycle accident, or you witnessed one yourself, the victim could receive financial compensation for their injuries. help your friends or loved ones get assistance in their time of need by suggesting they contact a motorcycle accident attorney today.

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