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Why Digital Marketing Is Important for Dentists

Is your dental practice or dentistry business struggling to attract new clients despite having high-end equipment, excellent professional services, and value for money? Perhaps you haven’t tried out digital marketing yet.

The dentist marketing landscape has significantly evolved from traditional advertising on print media and radio to a more result-oriented marketing strategy. Digital marketing for dentists employs various online methods, including email newsletters, social media posts, and blogs, to enable dentists to connect to their prospective clients via social media platforms, search engines, and emails.

If your dental practice is yet to implement dental digital marketing, you’re missing out on lots of potential patients. Read on to find out why digital marketing is essential for dentists.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Dental Practices 

While both traditional and online marketing creates brand awareness, digital marketing is the most effective means of creating brand awareness for your dental practice. Research by Internet Live Stats indicates that Google processes more than 3.5 billion searches per day. Additionally, 86% of people find the location of a business using Google Maps. Therefore, digital marketing enables you to build and enhance your dentistry business’s online presence to attract more clients.

Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is less costly, translating to higher ROI. A report by WebFX reveals that the average cost of television ads is about $342,000 for a 30-second spot, telemarketing costs an average of $51.40 per order, and a newspaper ad costs $113,000.

This is quite expensive compared to digital marketing, which costs as low as $3.00 for pay-per-click ads (PPC) and $0.05 for SEO and web content marketing. The low cost of digital marketing means that it’s generally easy to establish a digital marketing campaign and start attracting new patients to your thriving practice.

The best thing with a properly-orchestrated dentist digital marketing campaign is that it enables you to target a potential patient with an ideal message that markets your practice. Traditional marketing may enable you to market to thousands of people, but a few of them may actually be considering dental services. Few people may pay attention to marketing, translating to wasted advertising.

However, with digital marketing, you can get much more specific with your advertising and reach individuals highly interested in dental services. In the long run, you’ll be able to convert potential clients to actual patients thanks to a precise and more accurate marketing strategy.

How will you know your marketing strategy is yielding results? If you’re using traditional dental advertising, it would be quite difficult to gauge your marketing campaign’s success rate. This is because there isn’t an accurate and conventional means of determining the number of individuals viewing your ads.

On the contrary, digital marketing enables you to collect precise, real-time analytics regarding your campaign’s performance, i.e., user interaction with your ads, website ranking on the SERP, daily visitors to your site, etc.

With digital marketing tools, you can determine which content or ads are bringing considerable leads. In turn, you’ll know what to change, make adjustments in budget allocation, or know what to drop for a more effective digital marketing campaign.


If your dental practice is struggling to reach out to a wider clientele base, it’s time to consider digital marketing strategies such as local SEO for dentists, PPC, content writing, social media, and video marketing, among others.

Digital marketing offers immense benefits to your dentistry business, and you surely need to implement it as soon as possible to keep up with the rapidly changing marketing landscape. It would be prudent to hire an experienced dental marketing agency to run your dental marketing campaign for the best outcomes.