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Why Is Social Media Marketing Trending?

Social Media Marketing

The internet has been one of the most thriving resources the human world has. It has taken off with a lot of speed and enhancements to the leading technology. We have seen the world getting more and more sophisticated in terms of enterprise. The word marketing explains the process. Ever since the international market has expanded, it has experimented with technical exposure. The marketing area of the business world is of an opportunist, depending on which social media marketing has taken a huge leap in the business world.

How did social media marketing get into the trend?

The availability and economical price of the internet have intrigued the youth in signing in the “Social Media Platform.” The coverage of the platform is immense. For the new generation, it has been a medium to sneak peek into what the business world looks like from afar. It has encouraged millions of young dreams to explore as well as promote various products. We have food vloggers to not only walk us through the menu cards but also promote the startups.

Social media has made marketing world glamorous and attractive. Wherever we scroll through our cells, we are promoting the culture. The low capital investment comes in handy and even can claim self-sufficient progress. The social media platform has considered the advertisement as one of their remunerations as we see all over the world. The internet flooding with the advertisements. These days “The Youtubers” are the perfect frame for the new brands or the new series. As consumers, it’s the perfect urge to get new and fancy stuff.

Social media marketing all around the world

Talking about the internet penetration rate of the year, it has increased by 9 percent since January 2018. Three hundred sixty-six billion people have joined the internet community this year, globally. China is again the leading country to have an increased rate. The population of this country has made a considerable contribution widely. In India, the internet penetration rate was a rush and made history.

In late 2016, the telecommunication industry saw the rise of Reliance Jio. Initially, the network service was free. Some call it a marketing strategy, and some call it a loophole for illegal purposes. Whatever it was, it came in to change the game and was successful. It was the reason for us to feel the fast breeze of the speedy internet. The 4g era was late in India but was a life revolving moment. The revolutionary change in the internet was capable of the services from a small housing to as far as it could get. The competitive quality brought other networks to lower their prices. And ever since the internet has been the widest source of promoting to reach out multiples at once.

Also, if we talk about the Unified Payment Interface better known as UPI. It came a little in India but flourished perfectly well. As it also motivates consumers to purchase more online. Which is in a way can be said helped social media marketing to rise positively. Whatsapp is one of the most popular media as

a) it is handy,

  1. b) it takes less usage of the internet, and the mode has the coverage of all generations.

The market/business can take decent advantage of the “WhatsApp Generation”. And so as the other platforms work sincerely.


In conclusion, the population of the country in and out is increasing roughly. The advertisement of not only products but awareness is now easier to promote. Keeping up with the huge country is not easy. Because of the social media marketing coverage, the smaller cities are now aware of the social messages. It has taken off widely and it’s growing. The progress is getting stronger. Hope to see what else the e-world brings us next.

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