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Why You Should Become A Cybersecurity Professional

Any profession you choose will impact your life in a way that you will only understand in the long run. Cybersecurity is a profession that does not and will not disappoint you or make you feel like you made the wrong choice, ever. You might be wondering how one can be so sure. This article will explain to you just that. Why is cybersecurity a great career in the 21st century? Why is cybersecurity a go-to career for many people today and why should you choose to pursue it? Read below to get your questions answered.

1. Cybersecurity is in High Demand

If you choose a career that is in high demand, you open yourself up to a lot of opportunities in a lot of places. Just like a product in high demand, sells like crazy and earns a lot of money, the same way, a professional with high demand gets recruited like crazy and earns a lot of money. The unemployment rate in cyber security is zero per cent. The most demanded path in cybersecurity, i.e. ethical hacking is becoming so popular today that ceh has become one of the topmost IT certifications in students’ preference list today. If you want to get a job quickly, that also pays you a lot of money and gives you options of many companies and many industries to choose from, then this is the best career for you. Everyone needs a cybersecurity professional. Whether it is public organisations or private ones, whether it is Fortune 500 companies or new startups, everyone hires cybersecurity experts to protect their data and systems from harm.

2. Cybersecurity is Easy to Learn

Surely, the field is technical because it relates to computers and how to protect them, which means that you will have to have a clever mind to think like hackers and know how to safeguard something. In short, you need to be generally smart. But other than that, anyone can learn cybersecurity irrespective of their age, educational background or any other factor. What’s more? You don’t need to study 3–4 years in a college or university to become a cybersecurity professional. You can just choose any accredited training centre or educational institution that is verified by bodies that certify people in this field, and you can enrol yourself in any course that you can finish at your own pace and then clear the respective exam to get certified. A typical ethical hacking course takes 5–6 days to finish as it contains a total of 40 hours of expert training. You can finish as many courses as you like in a short time, and then kickstart your career, while still learning and upgrading your skills and certifications side by side. After a few years of experience, you will have established yourself as a successful cybersecurity professional in the market.

3. Cybersecurity is a Noble Profession

Think about going to work every day knowing that you are making somebody’s life better and safer with your talent. Cybercrime is a dangerous industry that causes trouble, menace and damages that amount to trillions of dollars that could have been spent productively on something else. By fighting cybercrime as a cyber security professional, you will be saving a lot of money, a lot of lives, and a lot of people’s privacy. Digital technologies that are developed every single day need to be safeguarded and made full proof so that people can use them without any hesitation. Without cyber security professionals doing their job, we cannot imagine a better and safer future for our children or for ourselves.