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Why You Should Pay Attention To Cybersecurity In 2020


As more and more elements of our lives move into online spaces, the importance of being secure while using technology becomes increasingly prevalent.

Even the biggest tech companies in the world, including Facebook and Twitter, are not completely safe from cyber-attacks, potentially putting huge swathes of the world’s personal information at risk.

Online retail is also rising at a rapid rate as we increasingly shun the high street in order to shop on our smart phones and computers, so making sure your most sensitive details are secure is paramount.

As technology evolves, taking the same protective measures online as you would for things like your personal finances is more important than ever. Here are some key factors to keep in mind in 2020.

What is cybersecurity

Applying technology to restrict access to certain data and other information is a crucial part of keeping us all safe in the 21st century. Details about our homes, bank accounts and jobs are all stored online, and unauthorised access can have wide-ranging consequences. Encryption, firewalls and other processes play a vital role in keeping our digital information out of the hands of criminals. Legal measures such as the Data Protection Act (DPA) and GDPR keep businesses in line and have helped raise the standards of online security.

Why cybersecurity is crucial for business

Whether a breach reveals information about a business or its customers, it can have devastating impacts. Individuals whose data falls into the wrong hands can be opened up to fraud and other criminal enterprises.

Punishments for businesses that are not careful enough with the public’s data are also on the rise, while the reputational damage of not properly guarding against cybercrime is a sure-fire way to lose custom in the digital age.

How can cybersecurity be improved

Complying with GDPR and the DPA is the starting point for most businesses, but there are several measures we can also take to boost our safety online. For example, many devices will save passwords and even bank details, but taking the time to type them in could lower the risk of that sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

How cybersecurity is changing in 2020

Weaponised email attachments, banking trojans and ransomware were highlighted as the three biggest cybersecurity threats for the year ahead by 1,000 professionals polled by Cynet.

The rollout of 5G networking in the UK is sure to add another layer to the cybersecurity debate in 2020, with controversy already overshadowing the ultrafast network due to potential Chinese state involvement in its implementation.

With the mobile network also potentially seeing people move away from traditional internet providers, the security of 5G will also come under scrutiny if it cannot be guaranteed in the same way as other methods of accessing the web.