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Use 15 Best Kik Alternative To Chat With Friends Online

kik alternative

kik alternative Messaging application is a free and popular immediate messaging application with many more functions than merely talking and messaging. It presently has countless downloads on Google PlayStore and has a good 4.0 rating from about 2.5 million evaluations.

Use 15 Best Kik Alternative To Chat With Friends Online

In this article, you can know about kik alternative here are the details below;

Similar to any other social media network messaging application, you can send out a text, pictures, video messages, and a lot of other enjoyable ways to communicate with loved ones. What’s various about it is that it does not require a contact number (simply pick a username), which makes it an attractive choice regarding anonymity.

What’s more, Kik assures safe and secure, and untraceable communication, which is valuable for people who want more privacy. You can even discover new buddies with comparable interests through the app.

Aside from increased personal privacy, you likewise have the kik alternative to do anonymous chats, group chats of approximately 49 people, and promoted chats, which permits users to follow and after that message different brands on various industries.

They likewise have unique security policies for minors regarding utilizing the app.

But naturally, not all applications are best, and even these privacy features can act as a double-edged sword. This could be one reason some individuals are changing to other instantaneous messaging applications.

Kik has an internal dating-style function and, in some cases, that might position risks or expose users to unwanted or indecent material.

This extra anonymity might lead to cyber-bullying or any malicious users to make the most of the scenario or even harm other users, especially children. The exchange of personal info might prove to be dangerous and have some severe consequences. Although rumor’s had it that Kik was closing in 2019, the company announced that this will not occur and are still running. You can also check KIK for PC.

However, many people have currently begun searching for alternative apps to Kik. If you are one of them, we’ll assist you in this short article to discover comparable apps like Kik, so let’s get started.

Ensure to check out till completion of the post since we are likewise listing some apps that do not need a phone number, much like Kik.

1) Viber

Who does not acknowledge what Viber is nor is familiar with its messaging sounds? Not a lot of individuals, I suppose. That is because Viber is rather popular, and for you to understand how popular it is precise, Viber is pre-installed in a great deal of Android Smartphones.

Viber is among the most practical and the supreme instant messaging application out there. Of course, it is complimentary to download and is rather flexible in terms of its user’s base. It is hip enough for the youngsters and at the same time suitable enough even for companies to make use of.

There are many companies like a basketball group, or maybe brand names or artists that use Viber as their main ways of interaction internally and with people publicly. You’ll have the typical text, photo, and video messaging, but maybe Viber is quite famous in terms of the free telephone call.

You can create large group chats of as many as 200 individuals, and their stickers are quite popular. There are also cool and enjoyable Viber games that you can play to pass the time (or get addicted). Viber has over 100 million user’s and was recently acquired by the Japanese business Rakuten for $900 million.

2) WhatsApp

Whatsapp is one of the indisputable top immediate messaging applications on the planet. It’s got over a billion user’s worldwide, and unsurprisingly sufficient is owned by Facebook.

Whatsapp’s functions include being able to start discussions or group calls with approximately eight individuals, share your area or broadcast your status to your contacts, and send and get messages using your computer system.

You will likewise have the ability to personalize your wallpaper, notification alerts, concurrently relayed messages to numerous people, and the app conserves your messages. You wouldn’t miss any of them even if your phone was turned off.

Whatsapp is also huge on privacy. It has several sophisticated security features to secure its users. Perhaps that’s why it’s attracting numerous individuals. One major function is the end-to-end file encryption, which makes sure just you and your recipient can read your messages, even Whatsapp themselves.

It won’t save any of your info, and only approved people or contacts can communicate with you. The app also employs two-factor authentication to ensure no one can just access your account and has a great way to obstruct undesirable contacts. It’s trendy, simple and uncomplicated to use, so no matter where you are, it will be a great option.

3) Line

A little bit of background about the Line Messenger: This app was established in the wake of the devastating Japan tsunami way back in 2011. All normal communication channel’s were cut off or unreliable throughout that time; therefore, an Internet business called Naver created Line.

To date, Line messenger is quite popular in the Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Japan. It’s got 220 million active users regular monthly, proving the rise of its appeal. If you’re asking why or how? Then it’s more than likely because of its well-rounded functionality.

Line as a messaging app works comparable to FB messenger or Whatsapp. You can communicates with your friends using those fun and wacky sticker labels and emojis, and at the same time, play video games on it.

It is possibly preferred since through Line you can search the news, use it to book taxis, discover voucher discounts, stream musics, and even make mobile payments. It’s convenient, it’s a one stop messaging application, and it’s ideal for people with a busy way of life.

4) Facebook Messenger

On to another popular messaging application, this is certainly another great option for Kik. Has been given that integrated on the Facebook platform (changing its old messaging system), it’s not a surprise how this messaging app rose in appeal upon its launch and never recalled.

If you’re searching for a no-hassle, no intricacy instant messaging application, then this is it. Easy to utilize, has a good time sticker label, emojis and games, and all functionalities you need as a means of communication.

Great for video calls, group talks, and you’ll have options to either mute or block contacts as required. Its newest feature even enables you to send out money through the app. It’s convenient to use, and the application continues discovering methods to make interaction not simply easy but messages and intentions to be sent out to your recipient( s).

5) WeChat

Have you ever heard of WeChat? Well, it’s only China’s greatest and most popular messaging application. And much like the movies, if it’s huge in China, it’s big throughout the world.

WeChat has about a billion users simply behind Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. Like Line, WeChat uses more to its loyal users than simply your regular chat or video calls. It enables people to make payments through its platform and even book hotel’s and flights. Another great feature’s of WeChat is having mini-programs, which are essentially applications within the WeChat app.

However, want that WeChat is under the surveillance of the Chinese government, so there is very little privacy here (unless, of course, you have nothing to hide, so you couldn’t care less about personal privacy best!!).

6) KaKaoTalk

KakaoTalk is South Korea’s entry into the instantaneous messaging fray. It was published way back in 2010, and if I remember properly, it’s got charming and fun ads that immediately got people’s attention.

KakaoTalk has traffic of 55 billion messages daily. It’s not just a practical way to chat and call your contacts, but the app has made itself into a terrific avenue for connecting yourself approximately your friends or making new ones.

It’s got a shake and QR code kik alternative to interact with your pals neighbor and create group chats rather quickly. Still, the KakaoTalk had me with the cute commercials.

7) Signal

Signal boasts of being the most protected messaging app. How or why? It is powered by the open-source and secure “Signal Protocol,” which is undoubtedly among the safest methods to communicate in this digital world.

It was made by Moxie Marlinspike (a cryptographer developer) and Brian Acton, WhatsApp co-founder himself. It utilizes end-to-end encryption, and they don’t store your data, so no one, not even the federal government, can request any details about you or your messages.

And its open-source nature implies that it has a look at its security procedures since software application engineers can access its code and prove it. Do not stress, and it’s still got all that enjoyable sticker labels and or emojis. You can also check whatsapp alternatives.

8) Telegram Messenger

From one secure application to another, the Telegram Messenger is likewise one cool and highly-secure way to communicate with individuals. Its best feature, other than its end-to-end file encryption, is its cloud-based nature, indicating you will be able to access your messages in other gadgets, even on your computer.

This very nature of its shows will offer you the cool kik alternative to select to erase your messages on the servers and erase them on the other celebration’s end also. Telegram also has a cool concealed chat choice for more private conversations and a message self-destructs option with a designated timer.

It’s got no limits regarding media or messages, and it’s perfect for more expert discussions. You can even creates groups for coordination of up to 200,000 members.

9) GroupMe

GroupMe is a messaging application owned by Microsoft and released by Skype (also owned by Microsoft). It is popular among trainees for it has a convenient and enjoyable way to create small groups and enables scheduling of activities on a calendar feature.

This, in turn, would enable users to welcome individuals, produce surveys, and send pictures along with videos. You can utilize it on your phone or on your computer systems, whichever is more convenient. It also works over SMS.

10) TwinMe

TwinMe is another instant messaging application with a tagline that says to “Own your life online.” Right now, what comes to mind is privacy. Yep, this application is protected; however, they do things a little in a different way.

They have a basic and reliable way for you to communicate to everybody, and that consists of strangers; however, at the same time, you are given a choice to block contacts who do not desire anything to do with you.

Its free, and the peer to peer system makes certain that no server goes in between you and your recipient. The messages stay on both the devices involved. Enjoy HD audio and videos calls with the utmost liberty and personal privacy.

Much like Kik, TwinMe does not use or require a phone number or e-mail address to use the app. For that reason, this app can be a real kik alternative in terms of personal privacy, etc. They also declare that “no unsolicited call, no harassment, no spam are possible with time” when you block a person with that you do not want to interact any longer.

11) KingsChat

KingsChat seems the beginner on the block, but it’s not; it’s been around, has about a million downloads on Google PlayStore, and based on reviews, is sort of an underrated application. However, it doesn’t truly offer anything new or ingenious on the table though. Basic chat messaging, HD video, images, emojis, and location sharing is assured with the app.

The developers need to consider package and release a cool upgrade on the next few releases to make it stand apart. However, it still has all the important feature’s of a communication app and much more. The developers are likewise really responsive (even to comments on the app stores), which means they care a lot about their app.

12) MeWe

MeWe resembles Viber; however, smaller in terms of everything. It has typical chat and video interaction abilities, and at the same time, it can be a platform for open chat groups where stars, artists, and celebs can connect to their fan base.

It boasts a no political agenda, personal privacy by design platform, and you can safely share your things on it. It has a cool MyCloud feature’s that lets you organize your material on it. And a trademarked improved authorization control sounds promising.

Well, the app sounds promising, so much better keep an eye out for it, especially for its relied on operating design and privacy features.

13) Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is incorporated into the Google platform. So you can envision that any Google associated apps or performance enhances this messaging app’s abilities. Which being said, Google Hangout is ideal for the business setting.

With all the tool’s at your disposal, you can quickly manage any work-related tasks instantly and constantly communicate with co-workers through chat or video calls/conferences. You can also check other article about webcam software.

You also have the cool and hassle-free choice to broadcast video calls survive on Youtube, which they call Google Hangouts on Air. This is pretty beneficial when performing workshops and even talk shows. With Hangouts, you don’t need to utilize a Phone number; simply, your Gmail account will suffice to interact.

14) Discord

If you’re a player, then you must be rather familiar with Discord. Online video games have been around for a long period now. There has constantly been an issue of communicating, especially within a fan base, or merely waiting to organize a group for an upcoming session.

Discord has about 250 million user’s to date and is an excellent way to chat and talk to your buddies while in-game. It’s got a cool interface and is hip to kids and kids at heart.

Although it is used primarily by gamers, many developers and engineers of open-source jobs began using it to interact and team up on their projects.

15) Riot.im

Riot. is a messaging app that’s built on the Matrix protocol, which is an open and decentralized network for safe and secure interactions. It is light-weight and supports end-to-end file encryption, as you now know indicated for protected interaction.

Riot.im prides itself to be meant for modern-day interaction. It offers you choices to easily arrange spaces for whatever team or community. Chat, files sharing, voice, or videos calls are guaranteed, and even conferences.



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