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5 Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Theft

Deterring thieves is a high priority for motorcycle owners and drivers. However, since over 40 thousand motorbikes are stolen every year in the UK alone, it is clear that not everyone knows what to use and what to do precisely to ensure theft prevention. We compiled the five most essential techniques, tricks and courses of action every motorcycle owner should be aware of. Follow them, and you will likely prevent lots of issues in the future.

Tip 1: Securely park it at home

Imagine that a regular motorcycle weighs a few hundred kilos or below 1 thousand lbs. A few men could arrive with sufficient lifting equipment and just jack it right from your patio. That is crazy, but these things do happen.

Motorbikes should be parked in garages as they are very prone to theft. Keeping it out of plain sight by hiding it behind an SUV is a great starter move. However, a garage will always be the safest option.

Tip 2: Tracking it

If you are away from home or if you leave the bike and go do something else, you wouldn’t want to come back and notice it is nowhere to be found, right? This is the most common situation with regards to bike theft. Fear not, however, because there exists a handy little device that prevents this sort of unfortunate accidents – motorcycle tracker.

It is a GPS-based device that allows you to track the location of your bike if, when loaned out or stolen and prevents it from disappearing. This is an excellent help for police since the criminal cannot remain in hiding. The GPS signal will give out their location. Search for concealed options which the thief wouldn’t notice right away.

Tip 3: Disc locks

Disc locks are considered to be the most stressing and challenging to crack for the thief. However, with that being said, a dedicated criminal will not be stopped by it. This is why a disc lock with a built-in alarm sound and other warning systems should be on your shortlist.

Tip 4: No dark alleys or unmonitored corners

If your bike is new, rare or at all valuable to you and the owner has no desire for vandalism or the bike being stolen, then parking in dark alleys or shady parts of town is dumb. By compromising on your bike travels, you can avoid awful experiences.

Park the bikes in visible spots. Some cities even offer free parking to motorcycle owners so it would be a no-brainer to go anywhere else other than downtown.

Tip 5: Kill switches

Very popular in Eastern Europe. Do you know what crimes are driving most Eastern Europeans crazy? That’s right. Bike theft. Kill switches will force the criminal to lose precious time. He or she cannot afford it; thus, they will have to abandon their task shamefully. Double win for the owner since the thief left emptyhanded and humiliated.

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