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6 Must-Essentials That Keep Your Pet Safe During This Winter

Winters are cozy, isn’t it? It just feels like staying in bed all day, being covered with blankets. On the rare days when you decide to step out, you need all the sweaters, mittens, and scarves to keep you warm. But did you ever wonder about your pets?

You can often be left confused about the apparel that your pet will need in winter. You need to take care of various factors while shopping for these essentials like durability, likability, etc. Fortunately, there are several online pet stores like PETstock Australia where you can explore various options for your furry little bud!

Here are 6 must essentials that your pet might need this winter.

1. Booties

You might have seen funny videos of dogs walking with booties on the internet. Well, it turns out they’re wearing it for a reason. Booties help their paws stay warm.

Some dogs might walk perfectly well even without booties in winters. But a few dogs might need its help. How do you know if your dog needs a pair of booties? Observe their paw pads and the hair growth around it. At times, there can be ice or rock salt stuck to paws that causes irritation. They prevent punctures and protect the paws from excessive heat or cold.

Choose booties that fit well to the paws so you don’t have to stop every five minutes to fix it for your pet.

2. Sweater

Dogs tend to lose heat even through their furry bodies. If your dog is sensitive to cold, a sweater is an essential product that you need during winters. Even if your dog has a thin coat of fur or no hair, they’ll need sweaters in winter.

While selecting a sweater for your pet, check twice to see if it fits them well. It should not only fit the chest and the abdomen but should also cover the lower region of the body. It must not restrict any movement or act as an obstruction while doing their favorite activities.

3. Paw wax

Well, for some dogs, booties don’t work. They keep getting lost or are not-so-comfortable to wear. The best alternative for this to keep the paws warm is – paw wax!

It works as a moisturizer so it prevents cracks in the paws. This is made from natural ingredients and so is totally harmless even if you apply it on their nose, elbows, etc.

While choosing paw wax, make a note of whether it is safe to consume as most dogs have a habit to lick their paws.

4. Snood

Pets do not have as many options as humans when it comes to covering their bodies. A lot many dogs and dog owners prefer snoods as a covering. This helps to cover the dog’s ears similar to that of scarfs for humans.

A few breeds that have thin ears may suffer from frostbite because of extreme cold. Snoods can help them by keeping their ears secure from cold wind.

5. Disinfectant spray

You might take great care of your pets. But you cannot be with them 24*7. They will play outside, jump and run everywhere.

Due to such activities, they might fall over glass pieces or walk on rock salt that can injure them. A disinfectant spray is an essential that you can’t do without because you’ll have to treat your dog immediately.

Choose a disinfectant with high levels of zinc and bacitracin.

6. Heated beds

Statista’s data reveals that in the US, people spend 36% on animal food and 27% on vet care. What people fail to realize is that pets also need some products for their daily routine to keep the balance of the body according to the season.

One of the most needed products in winter for your pets is heated beds. We use heaters to keep our bodies warm. Similarly, they also need heater beds to get good sleep. It also prevents them from any kind of joint or back problems.

Over to you…

This is the ultimate guide that you’ll need to keep your pets safe from cold temperatures. Check whatever suits your pet and buy things as per the necessity. If needed, consult your vet to know if your dog is allergic to a particular thing. With these products, let your pets dance the winter away.

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