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6 Tips to Help You Build a More Productive Workplace at Home

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Many would say that working from home is something special and exclusive to certain job types. Because of the global lockdown, an incredible amount of people have found themselves exactly in that position – working form the comfort of their own home. As the world is still in turmoil, and there is no real answer when things will change, we might see work from home become the new standard, where applicable. Studies show that people who work remotely are more productive than in an office. This may be a generalized claim, but there is something to be said for cutting out commuting, being locked in an office, and so forth. However, working from home also comes with its own challenges. Staying focused and productive requires a different approach because leisure and entertainment are just a few steps away. No one is looking over your shoulder, but results have to be achieved. Apart from discipline, an ergonomic workspace at home can help concentrate one’s efforts. Creating a productive workspace at home where you feel well is crucial to hone in on your efficiency, and we are here to give you some tips. Don’t overwork and take well-deserved breaks from your survivor game – this is a great way to refresh your mood and get back to work with new eyes. Let’s dive into the six tips on how you can create the perfect workspace at home!

How to Create a Workspace at Home

Declutter Your Space

Making a workspace at home feel comfortable and welcome depends on simplicity and organization. The more stuff surrounds you, the more it will weight on you psychologically. Having only the essentials on your desk and around you will keep the area fresh and light. This is what you want when you have to focus your mind. An open environment will reflect in an open mind that will be more in line with productivity. If you are one to believe in the oriental art of Feng Shui, decluttering your space is said to be the most important of all principles to keep an area healthy and flowing. If you do only one thing, decluttering is likely to give you the most returns on achieving a productive workspace at home. A lot of information regarding how to organize your workspace at home boils down to one thing – simplicity.

Set an Ambiance

One of the best things when creating a workspace at home is that you get to decide how your environment looks and feels. Try to think of what inspires you to be productive: this could range from posters of people, quotes, décor, or plants. The only limit here is your imagination. Create cozy lightning; warm tinted bulbs tend to be best for this purpose. Things like plants, statues, and paintings should all be symbols of what you would like to achieve – be it a state of mind, something you are working towards, or a general feeling. Setting an ambiance for your workspace at home should be fun and ultimately inspire you on a daily basis.

Maintain Your Back Health

Working from home involves a whole lot of sitting. This is not exactly healthy in the long term; therefore, you should think of methods to circumvent back-damage right off the bat. Investing in a good chair is one thing you should definitely do. Other than that, standing desks are a fantastic option to switch things up, give your back a rest, and attain a new perspective. If you haven’t tried a standing desk, you might be surprised at how much it can actually impact your whole mental attitude! Installing a hanging bar in your workspace home office is another good investment, allowing you to have the option of relaxing your back completely from time to time.

Use Scents for Boosting Yourself

This can seem like a far-fetched workspace-at-home idea to benefit you, but hear us out. You might have heard of the fact that essential oils have proven effects on one’s psychological state. This is indeed far more practical than it seems when it comes to getting in the mood for work. The joy of working from your own space is that you don’t have to get anyone else to agree upon what smells should fill the air – you are the king. Try experimenting with scents that you like, but be sure to investigate their effects. Peppermint is known to give an energy boosts, whereas rosemary helps with focus. Orange can help improve your mood and eradicate anxiety. There is a myriad of smells that all have their own benefits, so don’t be afraid to dive into aromatherapy to hack your moods!

Create a To-Do List

There is a saying, “eat the frog in the morning.” This means that you should get the most difficult and repulsive task out of the way right when you start your day. After that, any other assignment will seem like a downhill ride. Managing your time and effort is important when trying to stay productive at home, and to-do lists are a good way of mapping out your daily maneuvers. It might look simple, but it definitely is very effective.

Take Smart Breaks

Last but not least, be smart in choosing how you take breaks. When no one makes your schedule, it is easy to overwork. Listen to your body and what its needs are. Whenever you get stuck on a problem, try going for a short walk to change your atmosphere. A break should be efficient and beneficial to you, so try to engage in activities that fulfill you rather than just waste your time. A stretching session, a short meditation, or breathing practices can provide a lovely mental refreshment, whereas social media and YouTube videos will have you wondering where all the time went.

We hope to have given you some insight into how you can improve your home workspace and the routine that goes with it. If you are new to working from home, time is your friend. Getting into the habit of discipline does not come overnight. The more you do it, the better you will function in a remote-working situation. If you have any tips and recommendations on how to organize a workspace at home best, please share them with our readers in the comment section below. We are excited to hear your opinions!

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Ellen Royce is a dedicated online entrepreneur who believes in helping others using informative articles. Ellen has over 15 years of experience working with different online platforms and helping them transform their business models. During these tough times, Ellen understands that working from home is a necessity for most workers.



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