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6 Ways To Celebrate Easter as an Adult


The Easter holiday tends to roll around right when people need some fun way to celebrate the beauty of spring. While you might think that this seasonal event is just for kids, the truth is that everyone can join in on the fun. This year, consider planning for some or all of these activities to celebrate Easter in new ways with your adult family members and friends.

Plan a Grown Up Easter Egg Hunt

Traipsing around the yard looking for eggs that are filled with jelly beans and chocolate might not be on your list of exciting things to do now that you can buy your own candy. If you still miss the thrill of the hunt, then fill those eggs with something every grown up wants. Money-filled eggs are sure to capture your guest’s interest. Some people also stuff mini liquor bottles, nail polish and other fun items that most grown ups will love.

Set Up an Easter Basket Exchange

If you ask around, you can bet that most people haven’t received an Easter basket since they were kids. Christmas isn’t the only time to give gifts, and setting up a basket exchange is as easy as pairing up whoever wants in. You can also set up a few baskets yourself to distribute to your family and friends. Easter gifts for adults can include adult-friendly items such as sweet and savory snacks that are all wrapped up in a pretty spring presentation.

Host an Egg Decorating Competition

Decorating eggs can be harder than it seems, and you can bet that someone in your crowd will emerge an artist. Grab some supplies and invite everyone to give egg decorating a try. You can even set up prizes for the most creative, beautiful and silliest egg to keep everyone extra motivated for going all out.

Pick Out an Easter Outfit

You might remember a time when your parents decked you out in your finest Easter dress or suit. While you might not need to don a bonnet or shine your shoes, you can still plan to look your best. Go out and find something new to wear to your Easter soiree. You’ll look and feel fantastic and instantly feel a sense of importance for the day.

Make a Seasonal Cocktail

While the kids are enjoying their chocolate bunnies, your grown up group might want to enjoy an Easter cocktail. You can put marshmallow candies into a jar and pour vodka over them. Let that steep overnight and you have marshmallow-infused vodka that you can mix with your favorite flavor of schnapps to dazzle your friends.

Play Some Classic Backyard Games

You are still never too old to get outside and have some serious fun playing silly yard games. Consider pulling your friends together for a three-legged race, or pull out some potato sacks to see who can bunny hop their way to the finish line. Don’t forget to plan for a classic egg race or toss.

You might be past the point of hoping to catch a glimpse of the Easter bunny, but that just means that it is time to start a new tradition. Inviting your closest friends over for a grown up Easter party might even become an annual event that everyone looks forward to each year.



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