7 Creative Bathroom Organization Ideas

Is the mess in your bathroom adding more stress to your life? Are you always running late because you can’t find your hand lotion amidst the mess? No need to panic, we have a couple of bathroom organization ideas that will make your morning routine smoother.

A more organized bathroom can make your life easier. You don’t have to rifle through your drawer looking for your toiletries. With the right organizing tips, you’ll have a place for everything and everything in its place.

So, without further delay, let’s see some of the ways through which you can organize your bathroom storage spaces.


Why Organize Your Bathroom

Organizing your bathroom not only makes it look aesthetic and clean, but it also makes it easy to use. You don’t have to waste time rummaging through your drawers looking for stuff. Worry no more about things tumbling out every time you open your cabinet.

You can turn on your bathroom wall heater and enjoy a relaxing bath without having to worry about shampoo bottles falling and getting lost in the bathtub.


Bathroom Organization Ideas for Large and Small Bath

One of the easiest places to clean is the bathroom. Just a little cleaning is all it needs. Follow these simple bathroom organization ideas, and you’re set for life.


1. Declutter, Declutter, and Declutter

Begin by decluttering. Go through all the items in your bathroom storage spaces. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

If your answer is positive for the last question, it’s time to say goodbye to that particular item. There’s no point in keeping an item that is of no use to you. It’ll only take up more time and space when you’re organizing through your stuff.


2. Make More Space on Your Counter

The less you have on your counter, the better it is. Trust us, not everything needs to be kept on the counter for easy reach. Just keep a couple of items that won’t fit in your bathroom storage areas.

Often, when you’re in a hurry, you might accidentally knock over some of the items on the counter. This just creates a mess that ends up taking extra time to clean.

Keeping a few items on your counter not only makes your space look tidier, but it also makes cleaning easier. You only 1/3rd of the counter space for these items, leave the remaining 2/3rd empty.


3. Cabinet Doors Are Meant for Storage

Surprised? It’s pretty simple. Utilize the inside of cabinet doors for storage by getting a couple over the door organizers. You can store your toothbrushes, face towels, and even hair styling products. Furthermore, if your bathroom cabinets are near the sink, you can easily access your items.


4. Drawer Dividers Work Like Magic

Rummaging through drawers looking for floss can be frustrating. The little items tend to get lost in the depths of the cluttered bathroom drawers. A great way to organize your stuff is to use drawer dividers.

These dividers come with tiny compartments that help organize all the different items from toothbrushes to deodorants to razor blades. Moreover, it makes it easier and faster to find your things.


5. Laundry Basket Is a Must

Dirty laundry lying around not only makes your bathroom look untidy but also makes it smell bad. A laundry basket or bin will make your bathroom look cleaner. Furthermore, if you get a laundry basket with compartments, sorting through your laundry also becomes a whole lot easier.


6. Labels

A great way to personalize your bathroom storage is to add labels. This is especially helpful if you share your bathroom with other people.

You can easily find whatever you’re looking for with the help of labels. Be it medication or bathroom supplies, labels make life easy. We suggest using labels that won’t get ruined when touched with wet hands.


7. Towel Hooks Vs Towel Bars

It’s a lot easier to hang towels on hooks than it is on a bar. Not only do towel hooks take up less space, but you can add a hook for each member of your family. Moreover, towels tend to dry better on towel hooks.


Maintaining Your Organised Bathroom

Once organized according to your preferences, try to maintain the organized bathroom. This requires little effort from your end, but trust us, if you let things get super messy, you’ll have to start again from the beginning, and that will just take more time and effort.

Make sure you return things to their place, don’t let things pile up in places they don’t belong. You could do a little maintenance like this as part of your daily routine.

Given that bathrooms are relatively smaller, organizing them is a whole lot easier and faster.



An organized bathroom is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes life easier for you. With these bathroom organization ideas, you don’t have to rifle through drawers and cabinets anymore. We suggest you step on it and make life easier for yourself. Sort through your bathroom storage and bring more order to your life.

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