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8 Deadly Mistakes You Make With Your Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is a forever friendly gadget in most of the households, no matter if the homemaker is a cleaning freak or not. Don’t you think so?  The small but powerful appliance works perfectly and without complaining at all about the intensity of mess around, unlike your human combined hand.

Besides vacuuming regular dust and clutter, some of the latest and the best vacuum under 200 dollar models come with some intelligent features to organize a cleaning spree with perfect output in precision style. But you need to learn to use these modern cleaner gadgets for the best result.

A vacuum cleaner is, after all, a gadget with some limitations. Overlooking these limitations may cause compromised cleaning capacity of the vacuum cleaner or it may cause permanent malfunctioning of your cleaning device. It is vital therefore to know the common deadly mistakes we are prone to make with a vacuum cleaner.

1. Forgetting about cleaning the dust cap/bag

It is a common mistake, but the result gets really messy. Not only the cleaning effect will get compromised, but also the gadget may get quickly heated.  In both ways, the consequence of keeping a dust-full bag/dust cap in the machine will cost you high.

Check the condition of the dust cap/bag every time you finish your cleaning spree with the vacuum cleaner. Little organized behavior can manage this issue amicably, and you can get uninterrupted service from your vacuum cleaner.

2. Overlooking the filter will be a grave mistake

Filter management is one of the most critical aspects of vacuum cleaner maintenance. Some machines need replacement of the filter after a certain time, or some machines may demand filter wash after 2-3 times use. Check the filter cleaning/replacement recommendation form the user manual.

One of the major mistakes we often do in maintaining a vacuum cleaner is we overlook the filter of the appliance. As a result either we start losing on the optimum performance of the machine or in some cases the gadget may stop working.

3. Avoid using a wrong extension cord

All extension cords look the same, but actually, they are not. Extension cords have a specific wattage listed or they are built with an amp rating: it helps us to detect the types of appliances they can power. Do not use the wrong extension cord with your vacuum cleaner.

Using the wrong extension cord for operating a vacuum cleaner is highly risky. Besides the risk of damaging the vacuum cleaner, the risk of fire hazard persists in this unsafe trial.

4. Using a vacuum cleaner for picking hard things from the floor should be avoided

You should not try to pick up hard things from the floor with the vacuum cleaner.  This kind of action exerts heavy pressure on the cleaner motor and the appliance may lack its ultra-efficient output. Hard and sharp objects can immediately chip or crack the fan blade on your appliance.

You should not vacuum hard on the sharp objects at least doing it knowingly is a fatal mistake. Be double-sure to check the room for these harmful and risky items on the floor before you start cleaning. Vacuuming on hard or sharp things on the floor is a mistake that will cost you a hefty penalty.

5. Vacuuming powder is a risky spree

Vacuuming powdery substances from the floor or from somewhere other places can be extremely risky for the health of the vacuum cleaner. These powdery substances may get inside the machine, and turn filters clogged resulting in compromised efficiency.

Sometimes clogged filters can overheat the machine, which is again a big risk for its longevity. It’s better not to take any risk with powder cleaning.

6. Vacuum cleaner and the wet floor is a bad combo

You should not use a dry vacuum cleaner on a wet surface unless it is built with this specific feature. There are indoor and outdoor vacuum cleaners and wet/dry vacuum cleaners which are built to handle these wet floor cleaning kinds of jobs.

However, the outdoor vacuum cleaner is meant for versatile cleaning and hardly found the best vacuum under 200 $ range.  If you use your indoor vacuum cleaner that is not planned for handling wetness or leaks, then you are making a big mistake. Your gadget’s durability is at stake.

7. Wrong use of an attachment is highly detrimental

A vacuum cleaner comes with several attachments. You should learn the right attachments for doing different cleaning jobs. Wrong use of attachments not only hampers the performance of the gadget, but it can also spoil the lifeline of the appliance permanently.

A wrong use of attachments may make the motor exhausted. It may cause over the use of energy, which will add to your energy bill. You can check the right attachment from the instruction booklet. However, neglecting the attachment issue can be fatal for your vacuum cleaning machine.

8. Do Not Pull the Power Cord

Carrying a vacuum cleaner by the cord or dragging the cord out of the power-socket from a distance are nasty mistakes; it is a jerk for the machine and it is risky for you too. The abused cord may get badly damaged, and the use of a damaged cord is highly unsafe.

Besides inconveniences, the risk of electrocution is another impending danger of a damaged cord. If your vacuum cleaner is being operated with a damaged power cord, overlooking that is again a deadly mistake.

These are the 8 critical mistakes we commit with our vacuum cleaning machine mostly without knowing the bad consequences. The concerns of these mistakes are substantial, which may damage your gadget, as well as may dismiss your warranty protection of the machine at the time of repair.