Amazing Benefits of Being a Motorcycle Rider

If you are a motorcycle rider, you probably know that nothing compares with the feeling you get when you are alone on the road riding to a new place that you have never gone to before, if you are still searching for a cool helmet check out Youngchoppers.

Apart from being a convenient means of transportation, riding a motorcycle has many benefits for both our physical and psychological health.

It impacts your mood

Every time you ride, you get that rush of adrenaline that can do wonders for your mental health because it boosts your level of endorphins. Endorphins have the same effect on the human mind as morphine because they activate the special receptors in your brain that minimize any discomfort that you might feel.

Besides, these hormones make you feel happy and good about yourself. This is the reason why you often feel better when you ride home after a stressful day at the office.

Apart from the secretion of endorphins, riding in the sun can provide you with the necessary vitamin D exposure, that can help relieve stress and balance your blood pressure.

Body workout

When compared to driving a car, riding a motorcycle is much more physically demanding. When you ride, you get to improve your core strength, work out your back muscles and strengthen your neck. While you exercise your body, you also burn a lot of calories, and, thus, you get to stay in shape.

In a way, riding a motorcycle is similar to having a full-body workout. This happens because bikes are, on average, pretty heavy and the riders have to learn how to use their bodies to control, steer and balance them.

When you are riding your motorcycle you also get to work out your knees and thighs. This is similar to the effort you have to put in when you go to the gym and do deadlifts or squats.

Good for the brain

On the road, bikers have to pay constant attention to the other traffic participants and to the road itself. Because you have to stay focused on what you are doing, you train your brain to learn how to deal with demanding tasks by exercising the prefrontal areas of your brain.

Leaning discipline and concentration are skills that you can transfer to other areas of your life such as your work environment. A study conducted at Tokyo University showed that riding can help you improve your cognitive function by no less than 50%!

You get to places faster

Traveling by bike is much faster than traveling by car. Because of their size, motorcycles can navigate traffic easier and they are a great choice for those who want to get to places easier.

According to a study carried out in Melbourne, an 18 mile trip through the city on a motorcycle is three times faster than a drive in the car. However, it should be added that bikes are often more practical when riding in cities, but not for long distances.

Economic costs and parking

Once again, when compared to cars, motorcycles use less fuel. Even though investing in a hybrid car can help you cut down on what you pay for fuel, motorcycles are, comparably, more cost-efficient from this point of view. This is one of the reasons why many commuters often chose motorcycles instead of cars for daily transportation.

Within a month after investing in a car, its resale value drops by 10%. After a year, the depreciation rises to 20%. This fast depreciation of the value of a car will hurt your wallet when it comes to reselling your vehicle. Differently from cars, motorcycles do not lose their value as fast and this makes them a great investment.

We all know that finding a parking spot is one of the most stressful tasks a driver faces on a day to day basis. As a bike rider, this is not the case. Because, as a rider, you don’t have to waste precious minutes of your time finding a parking space, you won’t risk being late for meetings or work. Plus, the costs of parking a bike are smaller.


Drivers rarely go for a drive just for fun. However, as a bike rider, all the trips that you take will make you thrill with excitement.

There is something so freeing when you feel the adrenaline pumping whenever you get on your motorcycle that is difficult to compare to the experience of any other means of transportation. Because they are so fun, many car drivers often invest in motorcycles that they ride as a hobby.

When it comes to maintenance, bikes are, once again, the winners. With a motorcycle, there is less to clean, and this makes the entire maintenance process a lot easier. Besides, if you mainly ride in urban areas, bikes do not get that dirty to begin with.

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