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Are You Aware of the Impact of Sitting Posture?

In life, one is expected to respond to information received from sources such as proprioceptive, visual, and sensory input. When these systems are damaged, it affects one’s ability to interact with information. Such damage can be a result of injury, old age, or illness. If you have an issue with these systems, you’ll have difficulty in achieving the right sitting posture which consequently reduces your life quality.

A good sitting posture is important to all human beings for their daily activities. Here are some benefits of a good sitting posture:

  1. Comfort.

Sitting properly is a great way of promoting comfort and eliminating fatigue. With a good sitting posture, you can sit for long hours without straining your back or the neck. If you have an abnormal muscle tone, a good posture will help in reducing possible pain.

  1. Function.

Movement and function are highly effective with a sitting position that promotes stability and postural alignment. When your pelvis and stunk are stable, you can freely move your upper limbs which is vital for the performance of various tasks. The correct sitting position reduces the influence of reflexes or muscle tone.

  1. Physiological Function.

One of the main reasons to sit properly is to have an automatic functioning of the nervous system. An appropriate sitting posture offers the best position for circulatory and respiratory functions.

  1. Cognition and Engagement.

A timely introduction to posture management facilitates both cognitive and psychosocial development. An upright sitting posture offers a better vision line for interaction and increases your ability in cognitive tasks achievement. When you are in a stable posture, you’ll engage better in different social activities.

Why You Need a Sitting Posture Corrector.

People go through a sedentary lifestyle due to the nature of their work, leisure activities such as gaming, and study. This means that both children and adults need to mind their sitting posture. About 85% of people who develop problems due to poor sitting posture sit improperly unintentionally. Incorrect postures like slouching and leaning forward can cause pain, diseases, and damage our bodies.

CZUR wants to help people develop a healthy sitting habits both at home and in the office. Poor sitting posture is detrimental to your life’s quality. A poor posture is a health risk to anyone who sits for long hours. Fortunately, you can fix the problem using the CZUR Mirror artificial intelligence posture corrector. Different from traditional posture correction products, this tool helps you to correct your posture in a week.

The use of a posture corrector helps to decrease back pain, improves your mental health, helps to lower stress levels, and improves your self-esteem. These are enough reasons to make you get a posture corrector for use on your office desk. Of course, no one wants to experience poor health. With multiple health-related issues, one’s productivity drops significantly and affects their life quality even in old age.

What Makes CZUR Mirror Better than Other Posture Correctors.

The market offers hundreds of posture correctors that are used differently but all to correct your sitting posture and improve your productivity. However, most of these correctors are invasive and hence are likely to cause discomfort to the user. They are mainly worn on the hands, at the back, or around the chest. This means you need to wear them whenever you are working on your desk. Another disadvantage of the conventional posture correctors is bunding. They cause an instant change to one’s posture which in turn causes loss of muscle memory. Others will require you to subscribe either monthly or annually to continue using.

The CZUR Mirror works differently from the traditional correctors in detecting the wrong posture. This tool is electronic although you can use it with an App on your smartphone to enhance convenience. It detects changes in posture accurately and reminds you when you take some time in a wrong posture.

Using Artificial Intelligence technology, this modern posture corrector can correct your posture within 7 days by triggering muscle memory. It is designed with two-mode options. The default mode also referred to as the SMART mode is automatic. It presumes that you are working on a standard desk that requires you to be in a straight posture. This is the mode to use unless you have some special requirement for your sitting posture. On the other hand, you need to activate the CUSTOM mode if you are using special office setups. You’ll also need it if you are involved in activities that don’t require a straight sitting posture.

Other than the mode-changing feature of this tool, it has other amazing features that make it user-friendly. It comes with a light and sound notification feature that reminds you when you sit in the wrong posture. The tool also alerts you when you sit for long hours without a break. This ensures that you don’t strain your muscles and keeps your body in an active and convenient state.

Again, the CZUR Mirror has a sleek design which makes it more portable. The small size allows you to use it on almost any working desk. It only occupies an availability-guaranteed desk space. You can conveniently carry it around in your pocket or pouch.

Another important feature of this ‘good habits’ management tool is phone compatibility and data safety. The two are connected via Bluetooth and hence the data is only shared between the tool and your phone.

Importance of a Corrector.

Human beings have a “forgetting nature” and hence need to be reminded whenever they forget. When people focus on their work or studies, they tend to forget they are sitting in the wrong posture. Getting a reliable posture corrector is paramount to enable them to sit properly. It will also remind users when they sit for longer hours.

The highly affordable posture corrector is packaged with accessories to make it more useful and keep it safe. It has a USB cable to charge it, a user guide, and a safe storage pack. This ensures that you can conveniently use it even when you’re a first-time user. The storage pack keeps the tool safe from environmental hazards like water. It also prevents damage from shock in case it falls.

To maintain a posture that’s friendly to your health, buy the CZUR Mirror posture corrector today. It is the best and most convenient tool to help you correct a long time sitting posture.