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Best Christmas Activities in Marrakech

Best Christmas Activities in Marrakech

Escape to the comparatively warm locations of the world in winter is a famous activity. What I observed, Morocco tops in that destinations including Egypt and Thailand if one asks me in terms of Christmas festivities. Tourist attractions in Morocco for the same event are also very famous in which Rabat, Marrakech and Fez lead the other destinations in Morocco. I visited Marrakech and enjoyed the activities there a lot. What I’m telling you in this blog is the same.

Top Christmas Activities in Marrakech:

Why only Marrakech? Umm not necessarily. It is actually my experience that I’m sharing with you. So if you want to get into other destinations in Morocco to, you are free to opt for the package with your travel company. Let’s have the round of the activities a traveler can have in Marrakech.

Take the perfect Meal in Café De France in Marrakech:

It is a terrace themed restaurant and the café offers the best traditional dishes to you with the English, French, and Thai Menus. The best thing you can order from there is to order for the lamb Tajine and the other side dish of your choice, don’t forget to order the mint tea, mostly it is complimentary but you must have to take that after the dinner.

The impact comes in you while taking the warm sips in slight cold night and overviewing the charms and delights of Dfjema el Fna would be unique. You should spend some time alone there after taking your meal.

Get down to Charming Djema El Fna:

Djema el Fna is the most famous place you should visit the night you reach Marrakech. It is just a step away from Café De France. It was called the place of execution before but when now you visit the destination, you will not believe it. It will give you the best experiences of the looking into the Snake Charmers and a person who perform Magic. I could see a fire swallower too.

You should buy some dry fruits from there and find some Christmas gifts for your friends and family. Your kids might find there Santa Claus distributing the Chocolates and Candies on the eve of Christmas. Djema el Fna is a place to boost your energies to the maximum.

Next-Day activities- Bahia Palace and Maison De la Photographie

Bahia Palace is a historical and architectural place having decorations and art of centuries imprinted on the walls and doors of the palace. To be there for you would be an opportunity to take the memorable pictures of you and your family. Your guide will also tell you the rich history of the place. The next place is to visit the De La Photographie, it is a museum which showcases the beautiful artistic pictures, old and new. These art pieces belong to local and foreigner artists.

You cannot miss your Christmas day without Air Baloon ride:

It is a very famous activity and recommended especially on special events. I recommend you to take the airbaloon ride in the red city of Marrakech. You should go to the airs when there would be an hour or half for the sun to go down. It will give you a beautiful sunset in Marrakech.

You can also take this opportunity in the morning to take the views of Sunrise. Overviewing the city to be enlighten, and taking the healthy breakfast with the fresh juices will impact on you a very refreshing and charming effect of Marrakech. So Marrakech calls you for the ultimate ballooning experiences in the fresh air of the city.

Gueliz, A new Perspective in Marrakech’s life:

A new Marrakech, Gueliz offers you a new impact on your Marrakech’s traditional type of experience. This is something else. A traveler at least will not disappoint to have a number of activities in the new district of Marrakech. The famous activity for which travelers move towards Gueliz is its Shopping experience and the Bars, restaurants offering the European sense. For you it is important to know what to do, buy, eat in Gueliz. You can have your perfect Christmas day and night on the place taking ultimate mix pleasures.

Spa and Hammam Experience on Christmas:

It is the best opportunity for a traveler who travels to celebrate Christmas, in Marrakech, days are warm and the nights are cold. You have a perfect opportunity to take the Spa pleasures in the Specified Salloons or Hammams in Marrakech.

Hammam culture in Morocco offers the traveler a very unique experience. If you are in Marrakech, take bath in the warm water Hamams in the traditionally made Hamams.

Marrakech is a melt of best old and modern city experiences. For you It might be the best opportunity to spend your perfect Christmas there. I wish you best of luck and Happy Christmas in advance.



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