Best Watches for Men’s

Best Watches for Men’s

Seiko Prospex Turtle 

The name ‘Cousteau’ is synonymous with the existence sea-going, and it’s the grandson of fifties pioneer Jacques-Yves who propagates the family custom today.

The Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center and naturally the Earth’s most prominent asset currently legitimately benefit from its new association with Japan’s watchmaking monster Seiko – a brand whose Prospex go encapsulates nonstop heredity of super-moderate and consistently developing jumping watches since the sixties.

This present one’s great to 200m with accuracy mechanics and a strike against pattern angle dial tossed into the deal.

Longinus Heritage

The historical center at Longinus’ St Limier HQ is a close unlimited motivation for the respected brand’s continuous ‘Legacy’ assortment – a line kick started with the now-faction collectible (no-date-show) Legend Diver.

This most recent Heritage recovery goes significantly further back, resuscitating the absolute first Longinus jumping watch of 1959, however, going much more profound down – to 300 meters’ water obstruction


Rolex Daytona  

Let’s look ahead to your Rolex Daytona ownership and bask in its reflected glory. You would be forgiven for wearing it morning and night, to boardroom, bedroom, and ballroom, but no-one wants to be a bore about it. Assuming we’re talking the steel Daytona here (style advice for the yellow gold and brown dial is a whole different ball game), what’s your best look?

You can get away with wearing it with a suit – helped by the 40mm diameter – but it’s not a watch for formal occasions and you’d be best advised to keep the bracelet well-fitting.

Where the Daytona will shine is – happily – nearly everywhere else. As a Rolex Oyster on a steel bracelet, it is sufficiently bombproof to wear knocking about on the weekend, and it will be in its element in the mainstream minefield that is smart-casual.




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