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Can CBD Cat Treats Get Rid Of Your Pet’s Anxiety?

If you were among those people thinking that anxiety is primarily a human condition, you were completely wrong. It’s time to set the record straight and raise people’s awareness of this disorder that can very well affect our animals too. The only difference is, as a human being, you might know what’s wrong with you, while your pet won’t be able to share its thoughts and feelings in an effort of explaining that there’s something wrong with it.

That brings us to an important conclusion. As a human and a cat owner, you are the one who can recognize the signs of anxiety in your animal and you are the one who needs to find a way to treat it. If you take a quick look at, it will become clear to you that some people have long ago begun to look for the right anxiety treatment and chances are that they have already found it.

Before we get to the treatment part, we should talk a bit more about this disorder in general. If you have ever been anxious itself, then you know how stressful it is and how determined you need to be in order to beat the disorder at its own game. You also know how the disorder is exhibited in humans, but do you know how it is exhibited in your cats?

Anxiety Signs

Some of the signs of anxiety in cats can be rather similar to, if not the same as, the signs you can notice in human beings. Yet, as it’s perfectly clear to everyone, no cat will come up to you and start talking all of a sudden in order to explain what’s going on in its little body and brain. That would be pretty practical, wouldn’t it? We could all understand each other better, without trying to read the minds of our felines.

For now, though, you will have to settle for reading their minds. In fact, you will need to read their behavior and make conclusions based on that behavior. I suppose you have had a cat for a while, meaning that you have definitely picked up a few things and learned how to understand them better. Still, anxiety symptoms can range from extremely subtle to extremely obvious, which indicates that you might not be able to recognize them on time unless you are completely devoted to observing their behavior.

This disorder is no longer a rarity among cats and, as explained on this page, separation anxiety is the most common type that can affect them. It can manifest in many different ways, meaning that the symptoms can be quite contradictory, which only increases your chances of not realizing that your kitty is not well and simply dismissing its behavior as “temporary”. For example, one anxious cat might hide all the time, but another might become clingy. What’s even more interesting, one and the same feline can alternate between doing both of these things.

Excessive meowing and unprovoked aggression are also signs of an anxiety disorder. The aggression can be aimed towards people, or towards their belongings. In any case, you will easily be able to differentiate aggression from a playful kitten, especially if you have been living with a feline for a while and you already know its habits.

In addition to the mentioned symptoms, lethargy, trembling, and changes in eating habits should also be a cause for concern. While those can also be signs of certain other medical conditions, they can also be symptoms of anxiety. If you take your cat to the vet and the expert rules out the existence of any other diseases, you can rest assured that this type of behavior means that the animal is anxious.


Everybody will tell you that there is no one right way to help your anxious animal. The treatment process usually includes a combination of exercising, spending time with your pet, as well as adjusting its diet accordingly. If you believe that your kitty is stressed out, you need to be ready to do a lot of work in order to help the animal realize that it is safe and protected and that there’s no need for it to be in a constant state of worry and apprehension.

Of course, when you want to reduce your cat’s stress, there’s nothing wrong in getting help. Since you already know that certain diet changes are necessary, you can get some help in the form of a marvelous, soothing supplement. I’m talking about CBD treats, made from Cannabidiol and rich in natural ingredients that do nothing but help your pet become happier and healthier.

Cannabidiol has the amazing ability to calm your pet down when it is in a state of stress. It’s only logical, then, that CBD treats can be extremely helpful for treating anxiety. The calming properties of this substance will be enough to help your cat feel more relaxed and at ease, which means that you will no longer have to deal with their aggression or other destructive behavior.

Now, let me answer the question from the title as straightforwardly as possible. CBD treats alone can be of huge help when it comes to alleviating your feline’s anxiety. Can it get completely rid of this condition, though? Sure it can, but if you want the best possible treatment for your animal, you might want to couple CBD treats with certain other anxiety relief techniques.