Chase Presale Tickets: Where To Find Them

Of the numerous benefits of being a cardholder, getting advanced tickets for major events is perhaps the most exciting! Have you ever heard of a Chase presale? That’s right! According to, you can participate in their Chase presales to enjoy early tickets and all sorts of exclusive benefits on select locations associated with the company whenever there’s an event happening there! Let’s take a look at the kind of perks we’re talking about and how you, too, can participate in a Chase presale!

First things first, you must own a Chase card to take part in a Chase presale. The company gives out early tickets and special offers only to those who own one of their cards. The “presale code” is the card’s first six digits through which such special services can be availed.

So, what is the mechanism behind all this? Well, what happens is whenever there’s an event taking place in one of the venues Chase is connected to, the company offers its clients a selection of tickets for those specific venues. A Chase presale is where you get to call dibs on tickets at an earlier date than non-Chase cardmembers, plus other benefits! If you’re already a Chase cardmember, there’s just no reason why you could turn down such an opportunity.

Some of the locations Chase presales and seating benefits currently apply to include the Radio City Music Hall, the Beacon Theatre, and the Hulu Theatre at Madison Square Garden in New York. There’s also The Forum in Inglewood and The Chicago Theatre in Chicago. You might find Chase presale tickets for other events not hosted in these specific locations as well.

Chase presale events are scheduled to take place on specific dates for which clients are notified ahead of time. Some of the seating options you can expect to see on such a sale include VIP front row seats, VIP box seats, and VIP luxury suites. Depending on what the event is and who’s performing, you may find tickets for these seating options separately or in a VIP package with other exclusivities like backstage and meet and greet passes. And of course, Chase-affiliated venues almost always have provisions for a soundcheck if the performer is willing to do those with fans! You’ll know what’s in store once you participate in a Chase presale.

Besides presales, Chase clients are also offered various benefits in the form of attractive discounts, coupons, and promotional codes. These do not apply to just seating but several other fabulous event services! You could get special offers on merchandise, discounts on food and beverages, and even spend time at the venue’s super-luxurious lounge! Some cardmembers are also sent invitations to VIP events and given a chance to snatch up exclusive collectibles at fantastic rates! Who does not like good deals, eh? Sounds fantastic so far.

There are just so many excellent benefits being a Chase cardmember can get you. You better start applying for a Chase card if you still don’t have one! There’s the “Chase Freedom Unlimited” and “Chase Freedom Flex,” each with its unique benefits. You can visit their official website to learn more about the cards’ rewards, fees, and APR rates.

A Chase presale usually has a great selection of event tickets in its inventory. What you should do to make the most of it is to enter the presales in the first few rounds. That way, you can bag the seating options you want while they’re still available. To secure your seats, you’ll need to enter the first six digits of your card and complete the required payment process. After that, your purchase will be confirmed, and all details will be emailed to you promptly. Chase presales are done via trusted ticket selling platforms. You can rely on them to oversee a smooth purchase with no hitches.

With Chase presale tickets in your hands, you’ll be granted ample time to make arrangements for the day of the event. If you’re traveling from afar, you’ll get to book your flight tickets early, snatch up the best hotel rooms at reasonable rates and more. Also, there’s no more fretting over tough competitors at a public sale. It’s the ideal solution to your ticketing troubles.

Of course, presales certainly don’t promise the best tickets all the time. You’ll have good days when presale inventories offer more VIP-style tickets. While on other days, it’ll be mostly regular tickets. However, considering it costs absolutely nothing to take part in the event, you might as well take advantage of the opportunity. Who knows, luck participants may indeed find the exact tickets they desire and at lower fees.

If you want to enjoy other Chase cardmember benefits besides early tickets for events, you can look up Chase venues that you usually visit or would like to visit. Imagine how much you could save by attending events in these venues by taking advantage of both the Chase presale and member bonuses over time. It’s all about compounding! And even if you’re not concerned with saving a few, you might as well just make it a habit. It might serve you well in the end!

While it might not cost much to attend an event at an average venue, the ones Chase caters to are high-end locations that cost a good buck to get into. And that means, though the percentage of discounts offered may appear less, you can actually shave off a lot of your expenses by being a cardmember.

Moreover, as mentioned, it’s not just the seats you get discounts for but also food and drinks, and merchandise and a bunch of other stuff. Put all of them together, and it’s a sweet-sweet deal we’re talking about. If you’re going in a group, even better- those have even better perks to offer. It’s certainly something worth looking into. If you haven’t heard of such events, you’re missing out on a ton of incredible benefits.

The bottom line is, look up a ticket site that holds Chase presales immediately if you’re a cardmember or want to become one sometime soon. It’s never too late to make good on grand circumstances like these. Just go for it!

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