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Do Gifts Matter in a Relationship?


Deciding whether giving or receiving gifts in a relationship is important is really subjective and it really depends on each person. This is because each and every person has a different love language. Love languages are the way a person gives love and wants to receive love. Efforts that do not benefit or fulfill a person’s love language may not come across to them as you intended. So knowing your significant other’s love language is really important. Receiving gifts is actually part of the 5 love languages. So if your partner’s love language is receiving gifts. This article is for you!

There are tests online that can help assess your love language. Knowing about your love language and communicating it with your partner is important in the relationship. You love your partner and you want your partner to feel your love. Make sure your partner receives the love that he or she deserves by learning and understanding his or her love language. Identifying your significant other’s love language brings you a step closer to loving him or her better.

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The first thing to note about a person whose love language is receiving gifts is of course, that they feel loved when you give them gifts but it does not stop there. It could still vary because there are several types of gifts to give. Meaning, there are different ways things or ways you can give a gift to someone. Here are some tips that can help you choose what gift to give:

1. Something that relates to them

Think of your person. What does she or he like? What are their hobbies? What are their interests? What are they into at the moment? Pay attention to their wants and from there you could give them the best gift possible. Are they into stuffed toys? Do they read books? Are they into games? One of the best gifts that you can give a person is something that they actually like. Do they like a specific movie? Maybe you can get them a framed poster of that movie. Do they like a specific cafe? Maybe surprise them with their favorite drink or pastry from that cafe. The list could go on and on but you get the idea.

2. Something from the heart

Sometimes it can be because of love. It can even be unrelated to them but those whose love language is receiving gifts are always appreciative about the fact that you thought about them. For example, you went on a trip. The place you went to was wonderful and you think that your significant other would enjoy the place as well. You decided to get him or her a postcard or any sort of souvenir. Though that person has never been to that place, he or she will still be grateful for your gift as you will make them feel that you thought of them or that they were your first thought. It also makes them feel that you know them.

3. Something you made

If you make something whatever it is but it is out of love. Your significant other will surely love it. It could also come from any sort of effort. Arts and crafts, cooking, or wood work etc. If creating something is your personality then this might be the option for you. Allow your creativity to show and express your love.



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