Enjoy Visiting Vietnam by Getting The Visa Easily

Visiting Vietnam

People of India can visit Vietnam for sightseeing, enjoying food, and indulge in other types of activities. People can also visit beautiful beaches. People can also visit the country for different types of business activities. People from India need to have a valid Vietnam Visa for Indians to visit the country.

Process of getting visa

Viet has allowed e-visa for 46 countries and India is one of them. People of India can get e-visa easily and they do not need to contact the embassy to get the Vietnam Visa for Indians as it is a time-consuming process and a lot of money has to be spent. Vietnam visa on arrival is a legal document as it is approved by the department of immigration. People have to apply for the visa online ad they will get an approval letter, which is issued by Immigration Department of Vietnam. After getting this letter, people can visit the country for a period as mentioned in the visa.

Types of visas

People of India can apply for two types of visas to visit Vietnam and these are listed below.

After the successful application, the applicants will receive a scanned copy of pdf file as their approval letter in their email. People need to make sure that they have sent correct email address to receive the letter.

Stamping fee

There are three international airports in Vietnam and people have to pay stamping fees after reaching there. The fee has to be paid in the form of US or Vietnam currency. The fee depends on the type of visa that the visitor has and these are as follows.

Time taken for processing of visa application

People can get their approval letter within a period of two to three business days. In order to get the Vietnam Visa for Indians in an emergency, the applicant has to pay $20 and he can get it within four to eight hours. Of an applicant wants to process the visa within one day, he has to pay the additional fee of $10.

Things to remember before applying for the visa

Wrapping up

People who want to go to Vietnam should have a valid passport show expiry date should be at least six months. The visa processing can be done online or through consulate. People who apply online get the approval letter through email.


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